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Ideas list for GSoC 2015

Picture albums

  1. Difficulty - Medium
  2. Technologies - JavaScript, HAML, CSS
  3. Description - To organize uploaded photos, users want to have picture albums. An initial specification has been drafted by the community to agree photos should be arranged into albums using hashtags. Photos can already be uploaded and tagged, but the UI features to handle viewing albums and organizing them is missing.

Edit posts

  1. Difficulty - High
  2. Technologies - Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HAML
  3. Description - Currently it is not possible to edit a post after it has been submitted. A post edit feature is needed. This would require not only the "local" parts (which are not the hard part) of doing the actual editing and saving the new version to the database, but this requires also federating the edit to other instances. Some changes to the federation protocol would be required for this.

Post to Facebook page

  1. Difficulty - Medium
  2. Technologies - Ruby on Rails
  3. Description - Currently it is possible to cross-post to Facebook to a personal account. Users want to also be able to post to pages they maintain.

Liking of comments

  1. Difficulty - Hard
  2. Technologies - Ruby on Rails
  3. Description - Once upon a time comments could be liked. The community has voted that they want this feature back. It was removed earlier due to generating too much database bloat due to badly designed database schema and lack of cleanup operations for redundant federation data. This feature should be brought back with the necessary refactoring of the models to make it possible to do so (thus hard).

Immediate oEmbed fetching when writing a post

  1. Difficulty - Medium
  2. Technologies - JavaScript
  3. Description - Currently when a user posts a link in a status message to another website, the oEmbed details of that page are fetched only after posting of the status message. For users it would be much more friendly if when writing a link to the status message box, it would be fetched automatically before posting and thus the user would be able to see what the oEmbed looks like. Bonus points for allowing the changing of the oEmbed image, if the website supplies many.

Include Gravatar option for profile picture

  1. Difficulty - Easy
  2. Technologies - Ruby on Rails, HAML
  3. Description - Allow fetching Gravatar as profile picture in user profile.

Allow user to select interface language in first sign-up screen

  1. Difficulty - Easy
  2. Technologies - Ruby on Rails, HAML
  3. Description - Currently site language can be changed after sign-up and the sign-up form defaults to browser language. For especially non-English users, it would be important to have a language selector on sign-up.