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A meetup to hack on diaspora* and discuss about the project and its community.


Because to meet and work IRL is so much fun.


From *Thursday, the 8th of October 2015, to Sunday, the 11th of October*.


The Mozilla Paris office 16 Bis Boulevard Montmartre 75009 Paris, France "map"

Project board

We have a project board to map out issues we would like to tackle. Please for any of the participants access to this board.

If you are interested on working on a specific issue during the hackathon, please add it to the backlog.


  • Fla (? - ?)
  • Augier (Thu 8th evening - ?)
  • Lukas Zauberstuhl (Thu 8th evening - Sat 10th evening)
  • Dada (? - ?)
  • Jason Robinson (Thu 8th morning - Sun 11th evening)
  • Thomas Citharel (Sat 10th - ?)

Interested, unconfirmed

  • brevium@framasphere.org
  • Aurélie GINIOUX

Contact details

  • Fla - d*: fla@diaspora-fr.org
  • Augier - d*: augierle42e@diaspora-fr.org
  • Lukas Zauberstuhl - d*: lukas@sechat.org
  • Dada - d*: dadall@diaspote.net
  • Jason Robinson - d*: jaywink@iliketoast.net, email: mail@jasonrobinson.me, xmpp: jaywink@dukgo.com, phone: +358451259376
  • Thomas Citharel - d*: tcit@diaspora-fr.org

Mozilla contacts


  • Thu-Fri: areinald@mozilla.com
  • Sat-Sun: ?