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* Thu-Fri: areinald@mozilla.com
* Thu-Fri: areinald@mozilla.com
* Sat-Sun: ?
* Sat-Sun: bnjbvr ben@mozilla.com
== Evening activities ==
== Evening activities ==
Food, beer, wine, Paris :)
Food, beer, wine, Paris :)

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A meetup to hack on diaspora* and discuss about the project and its community.


Because to meet and work IRL is so much fun.


From Thursday, the 8th of October 2015, to Sunday, the 11th of October.

Friday and Saturday are looking to be the most active days, these are the best days to come over.


The Mozilla Paris office 16 Bis Boulevard Montmartre 75009 Paris, France "map"

Project board

We have a project board to map out issues we would like to tackle. Please contact any of the participants for access to this board.

If you are interested on working on a specific issue during the hackathon, please add it to the backlog.


  • Fla (Thu 8th evening - Sunday 11th evening)
  • Augier (Thu 8th evening - Sunday 11th evening)
  • Lukas Zauberstuhl (Thu 8th evening - Sat 10th evening)
  • Dada (? - ?)
  • Jason Robinson (Thu 8th morning - Sun 11th evening)
  • Thomas Citharel (Sat 10th)
  • Marien Fressinaud (Thu 8th evening - Sunday 11th evening)

Interested, unconfirmed

  • brevium@framasphere.org
  • Aurélie GINIOUX

Contact details

  • Fla - d*: fla@diaspora-fr.org
  • Augier - d*: augierle42e@diaspora-fr.org, email: christophe@c-henry.fr
  • Lukas Zauberstuhl - d*: lukas@sechat.org, email: lukas@zauberstuhl.de, phone: +491743440555
  • Dada - d*: dadall@diaspote.org, phone: +33675957440
  • Jason Robinson - d*: jaywink@iliketoast.net, email: mail@jasonrobinson.me, xmpp: jaywink@dukgo.com, phone: +358451259376
  • Thomas Citharel - d*: tcit@diaspora-fr.org, email: tcit@tcit.fr, phone: +33612435034
  • Marien - d*: marienfr@diaspora-fr.org, email: contact@marienfressinaud.fr, phone: +33667252129

Mozilla contacts


  • Thu-Fri: areinald@mozilla.com
  • Sat-Sun: bnjbvr ben@mozilla.com

Evening activities

Food, beer, wine, Paris :)