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This category collects all pages that have been copied here entirely from the Github wiki.


  • Make sure the page content of the page here is the same (or better) as in the old Wiki.
    If necessary, improve the formatting by using MediaWiki syntax.
  • Add the note (below) to the top of the page in the old wiki and
    replace the inside link to the new page with the correct one.
  • Add the new page (in this wiki) to this category by inserting [[Category:Github transfer done]] at the bottom with the other categories. (Don't be confused, this category is hidden by default)
    Make sure there is at least one other category assigned to the page.


We're currently **moving this wiki over to our new project site**. The contents of this page have  already been carried over, so _any new changes here will not be reflected in the new wiki_.  
New link:


For later

(when all - or most of - the pages have been moved here from the Github wiki)

  • Search & replace all links to the wiki we have on the project page and in the software itself to point the new location!
  • Since the completed pages should now all contain the note you see above, it comes to mind to use the Git access of the Github wiki and remove the old pages containing the note with a few well-placed shell commands and commit it all back to Github in one go.
  • This category is hidden, so it won't be necessary to remove it from the pages in this wiki.