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Jump to: navigation, search is the tool used to vote on stuff. Under here community members can add detailed descriptions of their more complex or technically detailed proposals. On these pages collaborative editing can be used to fine tune the proposal/blueprint and then subject it to voting. Adding a page for a proposal is purely optional but will allow much better description of the technical or process details relating to the proposal.

This place could also be used to finalize technical details on larger features even if they would not be subjected to a vote. The important thing is that each page is numbered and clearly named.

Status for proposals (votes, resolution, where documented after implementation) should be updated to pages.


  1. Add a separate page for each proposal or blueprint
  2. Name clearly indicating what the proposal/blueprint is
  3. Encourage people to review and send suggestions on it
  4. Start a discussion relating to it on Loomio
  5. Once ready for a vote, start that on Loomio (if needed)
  6. Once voting has finished, update the status of the vote on the page