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The central platform for community governance at diaspora* is our Discourse. It is used for discussions on governance, process and technical topics.

Getting in

Simply sign up!

Using Discourse

We use Discourse to decide the directions for the project to take, in software development, in the structure of the organization running the project, in outreach, and in other matters.

Although Discourse can be useful for discussing features for the app, please don't use Discourse discussions as features wish-lists. In most cases, the reason that diaspora* doesn't have the features you want to see is because of a lack of developers to create them, or in some cases because other hurdles need to be overcome in the software before such a feature could be successfully implemented.

Before starting a discussion in Discourse, please check for existing discussions on the same topic. You can use the search facility in the header bar for this.


Our Discourse is divided into categories. This ensures that not everybody has to follow all the discussions, as many community members are only interested on some specific area. We also have non-diaspora* folk for example discussing federated social networks as concept.

All categories, except for Team Internal, are and should be public for transparency.


This category will be used for important announcements by the diaspora* core team.

Communication and Outreach

A place for discussions regarding our communication with both contributors and users as well as outreach efforts.


For discussions regarding our development tools, methods and principles.

Features and Ideas

Feature suggestions as well as discussions on how to implement specific details.


The right place for discussions about the federation protocol and its implementations.


For anything related to the project management, asset management and related.


Do you need help or do you have a question about diaspora* you don't know where to ask? This is the right place for community-driven support. There are sections for podmin support and developer support.

Website, Documentation, and Discourse

The right category for discussions about our website, the diaspora* wiki and other places where we store information.

Team Internal

This category is only visible for both diaspora* core team members as well as very active, reputable contributors to discuss things a bit more privately, if needed.