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Simple ways everyone can help

Support Hashtags
Help respond to users’ posts to #question, #bug, and #feature tags on Diaspora.

IRC Chat
Visit our IRC chat channels to answer questions, discuss bugs, new feature suggestions, etc.

Projects that could use more volunteers

Bill of Rights, Privacy Policy & Terms of Service
Need writers.

Need meetup organizers.

Pod Uptime
Need designers to help make Pod Uptime (the great directory of Diaspora* pods) even more awesome.

Could use more writers, and especially, translators.

Translators needed for our translations group. We’d like to try to translate Diaspora into all world languages.

This Wiki
Need user documentation writers.

Projects that currently do not need additional volunteers

Creative Collective
A creative collective a la Mozilla to have a place for everyone to come together to develop great fan art, and then enable Diaspora users to create t-shirts, mugs, etc from the fan art via something like Zazzle.

Diaspora Project Website