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Signing up

I desparetely want to use Diaspora. Following the instructions, I decided on a pod. Then entered username and password at Signup page; was given no option to enter my chosen pod; was given no initial Setup Account info type page; and cannot use my username & password to sign in using mobile app (Username doesn't exist) I hope you delete this post, AFTER emailing me with some assistance? I'd love to migrate away from Facebook! Thank you,

Jack trying to use shrekislove pod. Thanks??? This is the only option I can find to contact someone for help, I know it'll probably make you upset that I post a wiki. -- User:JackWe

What exactly happened after you signed up? What happens if you try to sign up again with the same username? Would you mind sharing the username you used to sign up? See How we communicate for more ways to contact us, IRC or mailing list would be a better fit here ;) And you can find the pod owners mail address in the terms --Jhass (talk) 18:57, 20 September 2014 (UTC)