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Install gems

$ sudo gem install mysql2
$ sudo gem install bundle


Install Diaspora

Since diaspora does not have a stable version, you can install it with the development package in the Arch User Repository (AUR).

Diaspora Postinstallation

create the configuration files and make changes according to your system needs

$ cd /usr/share/webapps/diaspora
$ cp config/application.yml.example config/application.yml
$ cp config/database.yml.example config/database.yml
$ cp config/script_server_config.yml.example config/script_server_config.yml

Use Bundler to install Diaspora application

$ bundle install

Create Database

Edit the Rakefile

$ cd /usr/share/webapps/diaspora
$ vi Rakefile

To fix the error "uninitialized constant Rake::DSL" add the line

require 'rake/dsl_definition'

right before

require 'rake'

create the database and it's content using

$ rake db:drop:all
$ rake db:create
$ rake db:migrate

Run Diaspora

  • To run Diaspora:
$ sudo /etc/rc.d/diaspora start

Then access http://localhost:3000/ to see the diaspora main page.

  • To stop Diaspora:
$ sudo /etc/rc.d/diaspora stop
  • (Optional) To start Diaspora automatically at boot, add the diaspora daemon in your /etc/rc.conf file:
DAEMONS=(... diaspora ...)
  • (Optional) To populate the database with sample users:
$ cd /opt/diaspora
$ sudo -u diaspora GEM_HOME=/opt/diaspora-gems rake db:seed:dev

Then access http://localhost:3000/ and login with user 'tom' and password 'evankorth'.


GDM login screen with diaspora

GDM will insert the user diaspora in its login window because it currently considers the id range 500-1000 as normal users while Arch considers this range for system users as defined in /etc/login.defs. GDM does that probably to keep legacy normal users working. To exclude this user from the login window, add this 'Exclude' line in your /etc/gdm/custom.conf file:


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