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Installation on FreeBSD is a more involved and variable process than on some (all?) of the Linux distros. This guide is intended for experienced FreeBSD admins. It uses a combination of ports and packages and takes a while to get everything compiled and running properly.

This is not intended as in introduction to FreeBSD.


These instructions are for installing Diaspora* on a fresh install of FreeBSD 9.0.

They will install Ruby 1.9 and PostgreSQL 9.1.

Package Management

Use of the `portmaster` ports management tool is assumed.


It is assumed that you have a fresh install of FreeBSD 9.0 with ports tree installed and you are running from the non-root user that you intend to run Diaspora* under.

Packages/ports up and running should include:

  • bash
  • sudo
  • curl
  • ca_nss_root

The Basics

Install required libraries:

sudo pkg_add -r libxml2 libxslt


To install Postgresql as your database, run the following:

sudo pkg_add -r postgresql91-server

Add `postgresql_enable="YES"` to /etc/rc.conf, then:

       sudo /usr/local/etc/postgresql initdb
       sudo /usr/local/etc/postgresql start

Set it up to run as your user (diaspora for example):

       sudo su pgsql
       createuser -srdP diaspora


To install ImageMagick, run the following:

       sudo pkg_add -r ImageMagick-nox11


To install sqlite3, run the following:

       sudo pkg_add -r sqlite3


To install Git, run the following:

       sudo pkg_add -r git


To install Redis, run the following:

       sudo pkg_add -r redis

And add `redis_enable="YES"` to /etc/rc.conf


To install Ruby (1.9):

Add `RUBY_DEFAULT_VER=1.9` to /etc/make.conf and then run:

       cd /usr/ports/lang/ruby19 && sudo make install clean

To install RubyGems, run the following:

       cd /usr/ports/devel/ruby-gems/ && sudo make install clean

Recompile everything to synchronize dependencies and add required ports

This is step is optional and very time-consuming:

       sudo portmaster -a


To install Bundler, run the following:

       sudo gem install bundler 

Congrats! You have all your dependencies installed. Go back to Notes On Installing and Running Diaspora.