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Here is a quick guide to deploy Diaspora* on OpenShift, the cloud solution powered by RedHat

  1. Create an account (it's free !)
  2. Choose Ruby on Rails application
  3. Choose a public URL and change "Source Code" to git://
  4. Keep a copy of your MySQL settings, you will need it ;)
  5. Connect to your cloud with ssh : You have a example with git :
git clone ssh://

Connect by transform this command to


You probably need to set a public key in your account setting first. If you don't have one, generate one with sh-keygen and put it in .ssh in your home

In your cloud, go to the app folder :

cd app-root/repo/
run bundle install :
bundle install

Edit your diaspora.yaml and database.yaml file :

cd config
mv diaspora.yaml.example diaspora.yaml
mv database.yaml.example database.yaml
nano diaspora.yaml

edit the url and remove the # in front of

certificate_authorities: '/etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt'


port: 3000
nano database.yaml