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If you are a bit familiar with Ansible you could use this role to make a production installation of Diaspora. Parallel multiple pods installation is supported.

Define one on more hosts in your inventory file like this:

       [diaspora-pods] diaspora_url=pod.ofmine.tld diaspora_url=anotherpod.ofmine.tld

It is mandatory to provide valid TLS certs. They must be named like pod's public url setted in diaspora_url for example pod.ofmine.crt and pod.ofmine.tld.key.

Create a file called diaspora.yml containing:

       - hosts: diaspora-pods 
         - diaspora

Than to install you pods just issue:

        $ ansible-playbook diaspora.yml

That's all! Start Dispora as usual (in screen or tmux):

       # sudo -i -u diaspora
       $ ./diaspora/script/server