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So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and install Diaspora yourself. Great! Here are some must-have resources dealing with how to set things up and get everything going.
#REDIRECT [[Installation]]
If you don’t see your system on here, don’t give up. It should work similarly on most distributions. If you figure it out we’d love it when you add a guide here, even a “do the same as for xy” would help.
== [[Notes_On_Installing_and_Running_Diaspora|Notes On Installing and Running Diaspora]] ==
A useful generic comprehensive guide to getting Diaspora up and running.
== Service Specific guides ==
=== [[OpenShift|OpenShift]] ===
=== [[Installing on DreamHost]] ===
How to set Diaspora up with a DreamHost Private Server.
=== [[Installing_on_Heroku|Heroku]] ===
How to set up Diaspora on a single Heroku dyno. Useful for running a personal pod for free (or nearly free), or scaling up and running a public pod.
=== [[Pagekite|PageKite]] ===
In case you’re a [http://pagekite.net/ PageKite] user, you can set up the service to point to your own locally-hosted pod.
=== [[EngineYard|EngineYard]] ===
Deploy Diaspora to EngineYard using a Windows PC. This wiki explains using “Git for Windows” to deploy your Diaspora test “fork” to EngineYard.
== OS/Distribution Specific ==
Below are some existing guides to getting a Diaspora pod set up on your system of choice. This is particularly useful for setting up a testing environment.
=== [[Diaspora_on_Windows|Windows]] ===
=== [[Diaspora_on_MacOSX|MacOSX]] ===
=== [[Installing on Gentoo]] ===
=== [[Installing_on_Ubuntu|Ubuntu]] ===
=== [[Installing_on_Debian|Debian]] ===
=== [[Installing_on_Fedora|Fedora]] ===
=== [[Installing_on_FreeBSD|FreeBSD]] ===
=== [[Installing_on_Arch|Arch]] ===
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