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So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and install Diaspora yourself. Great! Here are some must-have resources dealing with how to set things up and get everything going.

If you don’t see your system on here, don’t give up. It should work similarly on most distributions. If you figure it out we’d love it when you add a guide here, even a “do the same as for xy” would help.

Notes On Installing and Running Diaspora

A useful generic comprehensive guide to getting Diaspora up and running.

Service Specific guides


Installing on DreamHost

How to set Diaspora up with a DreamHost Private Server.


How to set up Diaspora on a single Heroku dyno. Useful for running a personal pod for free (or nearly free), or scaling up and running a public pod.


In case you’re a PageKite user, you can set up the service to point to your own locally-hosted pod.


Deploy Diaspora to EngineYard using a Windows PC. This wiki explains using “Git for Windows” to deploy your Diaspora test “fork” to EngineYard.

OS/Distribution Specific

Below are some existing guides to getting a Diaspora pod set up on your system of choice. This is particularly useful for setting up a testing environment.



Installing on Gentoo