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* [[Grassroots projects]]
* [[Grassroots projects]]
* [[Community code chat]]
* [[Community code chat]]
* [[Media coverage]]
* [[:Category:Community|More...]]
* [[:Category:Community|More...]]

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Developers Technical Community

For everything regarding development

A collection of articles detailing the different working parts of a Diaspora pod. If you're looking to find more information on how Diaspora works, this would be a good section to check out.

For everything pertaining to our community, how we communicate, and how we can work together

Podmin Resources Guidelines and Policies Governance

Collected installation guides, so that YOU can get DIASPORA* up and running in no time

Things like Trademark and Contribution Guidelines

Info on how governance works in the Diaspora* Project.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Have a Question? Check here first..