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= The Official [upcoming] Diaspora Wiki =
= The Official [upcoming] Diaspora Wiki =

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The Official [upcoming] Diaspora Wiki


Looking for information about Diaspora? This is the official community-maintained repository of information and documentation, with a particular emphasis on developer resources. Information is regularly updated to signify changes in things like code implementation and design.


For everything regarding development. → FAQ for Developers


A collection of articles detailing the different working parts of a Diaspora pod. If you're looking to find more information on how Diaspora works, this would be a good section to check out.


For everything pertaining to our community, how we communicate, and how we can work together. → FAQ for Users

Podmin Resources

Collected installation guides, so that YOU can get DIASPORA* up and running in no time. → FAQ for Pod Maintainers

Guidelines and Policies

Things like Trademark and Contribution Guidelines