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Diaspora supports a number of ways to format messages. These are basically a part of the description language Markdown.


Paragraphs are separated by blank lines.

This is one paragraph.

This is another.

Sometimes the line breaks are important, such as when you're entering poetry. Simply hit the ENTER key within a paragraph should have the desired results.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I am very bad at poetry.

Indenting the lines of a paragraph by four spaces will result in a block of preformatted text, which is handy for code samples.

Hey guys, look at my code!

    10 PRINT "HELLO"
    20 GOTO 10


Full URLs, for example , are automatically converted into links. This also works for ftp:// like . Furthermore, everything starting with www. is converted into a link, for example

For more control, the Markdown syntax also allows the link to be named. For example

[Official Website](

is Official Website. Key point: square brackets before round.

Text formatting

*Italic Text*

becomes "Italic Text".

**Bold Text**

becomes "Bold Text".

***Bold Italic Text***

becomes "Bold Italic Text".

Similarly, we can also use "_":

___Bold Italic Text___

This allows for nesting:

_Italic **Bold** Text_

becomes "Italic Bold Text".

If needed, a "*" or "_" inside the text can be escaped with the "" character:

__Use Two \_ for Bold Text__

becomes "Use Two _ for Bold Text". Of course, this can also be used to prevent formatting:

\_Italic_ \**Bold**

becomes "_Italic_ *Bold*".

(Translated from Dead link)