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Topic to discuss

Diaspora Foundation


How do we want to make use of the foundation structure? What needs to happen for the foundation to have a meaningful practical role in the project? (e.g., do we appoint officers? formalise a structure?)


Do we want to accept donations at the moment, and if so, what do we want to use funds for? Does anyone know about the legal aspects of bypassing the FSSN for donations, so that people can donate using means other than Paypal?

Bitnami installers

Has anyone tested the installers created by Bitnami?

If so, are these the finished product or are they less than perfect? Do we want to officially promote the Bitnami installers to encourage more people to set up pods?

Release process

Next release

   We'll decide at each monthly meeting whether we are ready to release a new version within the next month.

Prevent regressions in future releases introduced a lot of regressions. How do we prevent that in future releases?

What did we decide?

IRC logs