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... apart from writing code. ;)

If you don't really have much coding experience, or just don't know Ruby on Rails, there are other, important ways for you to contribute to the project.

Get an account
Simply start by signing up - join one of the many open community supported pods and connect with people. Use the software for yourself and get a feel for it.
File Bugs and Request Features
Let the coders know what's missing, what you need, and what doesn't work. Feedback from users drives the direction of the project. Learn more about how to report bugs or discuss new features.
Write About It
If you blog, or tweet, or have some vocal platform, talk about Diaspora*. Let people know you're there, and how you like it.
Add to this Wiki
If you've got any helpful tips to add, or if something here isn't very clear, edit this wiki. It's a great place to pool user information, so new people can find help and learn about the project.
Make a Video
Make screencasts, make animations, make slideshows. Show people what it is, how it works, and why it's good for you.

Also, see the list of grassroots community projects for more suggestions