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If you don’t have coding experience, or just don’t know Ruby on Rails, there are other, important ways to contribute to the project.

Start by signing up - Check joindiaspora.com for an invite, or join a community supported pod and connect with people. Start using the software and get a feel for it.

File Bugs and Request Features - Let the coders know what’s missing, what you need, and what doesn’t work. Feedback from users drives the direction of the project. Learn more Report a Bug.

Write About It - If you blog, or tweet, or have some vocal platform, talk about Diaspora. Let people know you’re there, and how you like it.

Add to this Wiki - If you’ve got any helpful tips to add, or if something here isn’t very clear, edit this wiki. It’s a great place to pool user information, so new people can find help and learn about the project.

Make a Video - Make screencasts, make animations, make slideshows. Show people what it is, how it works, and why it’s good for you.

See the Grassroots Community Projects List