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; diasporafoundation.org
; diasporafoundation.org
: Future project site.
: Future project site.
: Owned by: ?
: Owned by: Maxwell Salzberg
; diaspora-project.org
; diaspora-project.org

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By project assets we mean anything officially belonging to the Diaspora Project. This should not be confused with being owned in a legally binding way, but something that is recognized as being used officially by and for the project. These kind of assets should be recognized and documented, including the names of the key community persons who hold the keys. If possible, keys to project assets should be distributed to several key project members.

The purpose of this page is to keep information on who to contact in the event that some administrative things need to be done to a critical asset for the project.

List of assets

Please help keep this list up to date. Note however that pods are not project assets, they are run by individuals community members or organizations. Also it should be kept in mind that this page should only contain officially recognized assets that can be said to "belong" to the community. So if someone is running a blog, statistics or service that doesn't fall under Diaspora Project governance - it is not a project resource.


Future project site.
Owned by: Maxwell Salzberg
Temporary project site.
Owned by: Sean Tilley

Code repositories

Github (http://github.com/diaspora)
Diaspora* organization and repositories under that
Owned by: Maxwell Salzberg?
Collaborator rights: Github organization members


Loomio group (http://www.loomio.org/groups/194)
Owned by: Sean Tilley
Diaspora-Dev mailing list (http://groups.google.com/group/diaspora-dev)
Owned by: Maxwell Salzberg, Daniel Grippi
Admin rights: Jonne Haß
Diaspora-Discuss mailing list (http://groups.google.com/group/diaspora-discuss)
Owned by: Maxwell Salzberg, Daniel Grippi
Admin rights: Jonne Haß
WebTranslateIt project (https://webtranslateit.com/en/projects/3020-Diaspora)
Owned by: Jonne Haß

Social Media

Diaspora* - DiasporaHQ (diasporahq@joindiaspora.com)
Access: Sean Tilley, Flaburgan, Goob
Access: Sean Tilley
Access: Sean Tilley
Access: Sean Tilley
Access: ?
Access: Jason Robinson, Sean Tilley

Social media team has a subgroup on Loomio to govern these resources.