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To access the already published versions, check the release page on github.

A lot of people is asking us our roadmap. We certainly have things in our TODO-list but we can't affirm any deadline: we all are volunteers and are working only when we have free time. If your interested in the future of diaspora*, you can also check Current and future development page.

Current big features we are working on:

To see what is coming up in the next release, see the `Next` milestone on GitHub. Generally this is the list that will be released in the next normal (non hotfix) release.

Here is the previous diaspora* releases (more details on github)

Remember: our version syntax is Version.Major.Minor.Hotfix. The more to the left the increasing number is, the bigger the changes are!

Version Release date Announcement Full changelog Main changes
0 2012-08-27 - - diaspora* becomes a community run project! 2012-10-07 - Changelog Refactor, new setting file, remove 'beta' code 2012-10-09 - Changelog Syntax error in french 2012-10-24 - Changelog Exception when the initial reshare is deleted 2012-11-20 - Changelog Improve posting to Facebook and Twitter; refactoring 2013-01-02 - Changelog Fix rails vulnerability 2013-01-08 - Changelog Fix rails vulnerability 2013-01-28 - Changelog Fix devise vulnerability 2013-02-01 - Changelog Fix XSS vulnerability 2013-02-11 - Changelog Fix rack and json vulnerability 2013-02-17 - Changelog Embed more sites, contact podmin, progress % for uploading image, re-add hovercards, message from profile, mobile settings 2013-02-24 - Changelog Some bug fixes 2013-02-26 - Changelog Fix XSS vulnerability 2013-03-11 - Changelog HTTPS source for gemfile for compatibility with bundler 1.3 2013-03-18 - Changelog Fix Rails vulenrabilities 2013-05-19 - Changelog Switch from resque to sidekiq, photo upload on mobile, hotkeys to navigate, posts preview, location with openstreetmap 2013-05-21 - Changelog Federate location, reshare location 2013-06-28 - Changelog Add participants to conversation, typhoeus update 2013-08-27 - Changelog New Single Post View, Opengraph support, new official website 2013-12-05 - Changelog Bump Rails to version 3.2.16 and the recommended Ruby version to 1.9.3-p484. 2014-01-19 - Changelog New statistics feature, Ruby 2.0, mobile improvements 2014-01-20 - Changelog Fix regressions in 2014-02-15 - Changelog Fix YouTube embedding in Firefox, hovercards, infinite stream, bump kaminari 2014-02-19 - Changelog Bump Rails to 3.2.17 (security update) 2014-06-22 Announcement Changelog Report posts and comment, new notification view and dropdown, new mobile menu and drawer, conduct polls, hovercards on bootstrap pages 2014-06-24 - Changelog Fix perfomance regression on stream loading 2014-09-14 Announcement Changelog Most pages ported to Bootstrap. Many small improvements and bug fixes. Terms of Service feature. 2014-10-03 - Changelog Fix XSS vulnerability 2014-10-30 - Changelog Update Rails for CVE-2014-7818 2015-04-11 - Changelog Update Redcarped for OSVDB-120415 2015-05-03 Announcement Changelog Major upgrade of Rails and Sidekiq, migration from Blueprint to Bootstrap, drop support of Ruby 1.9 and introduce support of Ruby 2.1 2015-05-06 - Changelog Fixes a small regression in 2015-06-14 Announcement Changelog First minor release in the fixed release schedule 2015-06-16 - Changelog Update to Rails security release 2015-07-02 - Changelog Fix a privacy leak