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A few notes

Hey User:Brit200313, thanks for the guide! A few notes and questions:

  • gem 'pg': Why? Setting DB=postgres will enable it, why add it a second time to the Gemfile? See also the next point.
  • It looks like Ninefold supports setting environment variables. If you set HEROKU=true Diaspora boots up without needing diaspora.yml. Additionally every single setting can set through an environment variable, as described at the top of diaspora.yml.example and for example the Heroku guide. This allows to not commit configuration to the repository, which is inherently bad practice. The config quickly contains secrets, for example your service oauth credentials.
  • The Redis setting won't work that way. The config is not run through ERB and this is not ERB syntax anyway.
  • The highlighted settings seem to be rather random tbh.
  • The guide describes a production pod but your database examples are for development and test? That makes no sense. Also I think it would be nicer to instruct how to make to adjust our database.yml.example.

I have a few style notes but can apply them myself after we resolved above issues ;) --Jhass (talk) 20:10, 14 October 2014 (UTC)

Brit200313's responses

Thanks, User:Jhass. I'll answer each of your questions.

  • You're right. I'll remove the gem part.
  • We do support env vars. Are you suggesting that they not adjust the diaspora.yml and compile all of the env vars into Ninefold's interface? I'm fine with that.
  • We actually have a customer using Diaspora and they are using Redis that way. He told us how he got it working. I'd like to keep that since I know it works.
  • Those highlighted settings are ones I needed to enable to get my pod going. Do you want me to pull them out?
  • I'm happy to make the change to database.yml.example

Go wild with styling. :)