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 18:20 < flaburgan> so zauberstuhl : "you haven't installe dprosody with bcyrpt dependencies right?"
18:20 < flaburgan> I just noticed that talks about bcrypt
18:20 < flaburgan> but doesn't
18:21 < zauberstuhl> well cause jhass more accurate then me.. I will update this or link to his article 
18:21 < zauberstuhl> is+
18:21 < zauberstuhl> noted*
18:21 < DenSchub> we shouldn't have two articles about installing and setting up prosody..
18:22 < zauberstuhl> then I will merge it


18:31 < zauberstuhl> flaburgan: yes it stopss and no I think the debian/ubuntu repos have no bcrypt
18:31 < flaburgan> Lua or Prosody don't ship with the bcrypt library. **If it isn't in your repositories**, you can install it with the following command: 
18:32 < flaburgan> bcrypt_1.1-6_amd64.deb is available in Ubuntu
18:32 < flaburgan> 12.04
18:32 < DenSchub> there is no lua-bcrypt in the ubuntu reps
18:33 < zauberstuhl> yes its bcrypt but you require the bcrypt library for lua
18:33 < flaburgan> hm, and no luarocks too :p
18:33 < flaburgan> lua      lua5.1   luac     luac5.1
18:33 < zauberstuhl> I will add a note for future podmins