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Now open config/database.yml and config/diaspora.toml in your favorite text editor and carefully review them, they are extensively commented.

Important values in config/database.toml

  • username Make sure to use the right username you created for diaspora.
  • password Make sure to use the right password for the user your created for diaspora.

Important values in config/diaspora.toml

  • configuration.environment.url: Set the public facing URL to your pod here, for example for https://pod.geraspora.de this would be https://pod.geraspora.de
  • configuration.environment.certificate_authorities: You have to set this, one of the examples should fit. If the file in the example doesn't exist you're missing a package, in most cases it's named ca-certificates.
  • configuration.server.rails_environment: You must set this to . The server section is read by ./script/server and most alternative startup methods to setup the correct environment.
  • environment.require_ssl: If for some reason you can't run your pod on HTTPS (we highly encourage you to do it!), set this to false to prevent a redirect from http:// to https://