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This page is proposed to be used to have the summarized status of contributors present work.



Issues in hand

- Account backup/migration (#908)

- Mentions in comments (#1851)

- Federation behavior testing

Maintainers' reaction required

- Don't include wrong shareable types in scopes (#6812)

- Extend the generated fixtures set and refactor AccountDeletion (#6783)

- Update the user data export archive format. (#6726)

- Fix possible duplication of AspectVisibility (#6844)

Account backup/migration plan

1) Get the "Account migration model/message and local user rename feature" (#6750) merged.

This step implementaion plan was initially documented at the page Proposal:_Account_renaming_and_private_key_reissuing. After the discussion with SuperTux88 I changed my mind on some parts of the proposal. However, I didn't update the text of it, since I doubted anyone would read it afterwards. If you want to see the proposal in the appropriate form, please contact me in any available way. The PR mentioned above is based on the proposal+discussion implementation plan.

2) Implement the archive manual import

3) Implement automatic backup of the archive to other pods

Mentions in comments

I started this work in #6818. It must be decided, whether it worth doing anything about the issue before the new federation code gets integrated or not.

Federation behavior testing

I started this project in order to make federation testing possible in a reproducible way and as close as possible to the real pod data exchange. This package includes rake tasks that deploy a number of test pods basing on diaspora-replica and LXC. Then it communicates with the pods using JSON requests with the diaspora-api gem and perform actions which imply data exchange using the federation routines. This tool may help in debugging federation refactorings, new features development, regression testings against new and old code. I was provided with a server and I'm now going to deploy the software using the buildbot as a CI system.

Fla (Flaburgan)

Issues in hand

- Photos - CSS floats causes ugly spaces when using different image sizes #6809. PR: #6838 [TO BE REVIEWED]

- Poll display "1 vote" when 0% #6835 [WIP]

- Add links to liked and commented pages PR: #5502 [WIP] (A painful rebase is needed, I have to work on it)