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Below are some related third-party projects. It's worth noting that at this time, Diaspora does not officially support the items below, although it is possible to get the CMS plugins working in theory. Diaspora's codebase is rapidly changing and updating, and it will be easier to support third-party clients once we stabilize further.

Mobile Apps

Android App Project

All about the work being put towards an Android client.

iOS App Project

Everything about the iOS project.


Wordpress Post Plugin

A handy plugin for Wordpress users. This allows anyone on a Wordpress platform to automatically share content to their Diaspora profile.

Wordpress Webfinger Profile Plugin

A different approach, this plugin seems to focus specifically on the possibility of including Webfinger on a Wordpress blog and creating a profile that Diaspora users can federate with.

Diaspora in Wordpress

A fork of the Wordpress codebase, this is an attempt to reimplement Diaspora in PHP.