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Browser Add-ons

Sharing extensions (instantly share on diaspora the page you're visiting)

  • Diaspora Tools - (Firefox) share webpages and images to Diaspora, translate text on Diaspora
  • Diaspora* Publisher - (Chrome) allows you to share your favorite pages with your friends; you can also select and share a specific part of the page.
  • Diaspost - (Chrome) quickly share webpages to Diaspora
  • Diaspora* Opera sharing extension (Opera) quickly share webpages to Diaspora
  • Diaspora* Easyshare (Firefox) Firefox addon to share a page in a nice graphical way: image+text+tags. More infos here

More cool stuff (add ons to make your diaspora experience smarter)

  • Löwenzahn - (Firefox) This addon shows a notification when you get a new Diaspora message or notification.
  • Diaspora Translate - (Firefox with Greasemonkey, Chrome) GreaseMonkey script to translate posts in your stream, also offers hiding non-ssl images.
  • Diaspora* GIF Toggler - (Chrome) Stop animated gif in your stream and toggle by clicking.
  • Diaspora* Picture Share - a modified sharing bookmarklet to quickly share pictures on Diaspora*
  • - A profile shortener so people on other pods get you on their pod and A url shortener all pod admins can use.
  • Do It Later - (Firefox with Greasemonkey), a Greasemonkey script which enables you to schedule things to be posted whenever you like. By Deus Figendi.
  • Notification Titler - (Firefox with Greasemonkey), a Greasemonkey script which adds post titles to items in the notifications drop-down, so you can identify them. By Deus Figendi.
  • Diaspora Reshare Visualiser - A Javascript tool to display a flow chart of reshares of a particular post.

"Share on Diaspora" Buttons (add them to your blog or site and make sharing your posts on diaspora easier for your readers)

WordPress Plugins