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If you're looking for information about how to add diaspora related functionality to your web site, you might want to look at the FAQ for web developers.

Browser Add-ons

Sharing extensions (instantly share on diaspora the page you're visiting)

  • Diaspora Tools - (Firefox) share webpages and images to Diaspora, translate text on Diaspora
  • Diaspora* Publisher - (Chrome) allows you to share your favorite pages with your friends; you can also select and share a specific part of the page.
  • Diaspost - (Chrome) quickly share webpages to Diaspora
  • Diaspora* Opera sharing extension (Opera) quickly share webpages to Diaspora
  • Diaspora* Easyshare (Firefox) Firefox addon to share a page in a nice graphical way: image+text+tags. More infos here
  • Diaspora* Picture Share - a modified sharing bookmarklet to quickly share pictures on Diaspora*
  • Diaspora* Advanced Sharer (Firefox) Addon to share the current page to any Diaspora pod. Grabs title, URL and selected part of page which is converted from HTML to Markdown (images, lists, urls, etc work).

More cool stuff (add ons to make your diaspora experience smarter)

  • Löwenzahn - (Firefox) This addon shows a notification when you get a new Diaspora message or notification. (Note: not compatible with recent versions of Firefox)
  • Diaspora AutoUpdate - Greasemonkey script to automatically update the stream (like Twitter does in it's Webinterface). By Faldrian
  • Diaspora Translate - (Firefox with Greasemonkey, Chrome) GreaseMonkey script to translate posts in your stream, also offers hiding non-ssl images.
  • Diaspora* GIF Toggler - (Chrome) Stop animated gif in your stream and toggle by clicking.
  • - A profile shortener so people on other pods get you on their pod and A url shortener all pod admins can use.
  • Do It Later - (Firefox with Greasemonkey), a Greasemonkey script which enables you to schedule things to be posted whenever you like. By Deus Figendi.
  • Notification Titler - (Firefox with Greasemonkey), a Greasemonkey script which adds post titles to items in the notifications drop-down, so you can identify them. By Deus Figendi.
  • Diaspora Reshare Visualiser - A Javascript tool to display a flow chart of reshares of a particular post.
  • Markdown Pad - A popular Markdown editor for Windows Systems.
  • ReText - A simple but efficient Markdown and HTML editor for Linux Systems, including live preview.
  • Enki - A text editor with markdown support (incl. preview) for Linux, MacOSX and Windows. (Ubuntu- & Debian-Packages available)
  • Unicode Character Table - Not specific to Diaspora but a very hand for including Unicode like ★ ☂ ☯ ♫ ❤ in your diaspora posts.
  • Diaspora Reshare Graph - A data driven document implementation of the Diaspora Reshare Visualizer
  • Quote Post - Quotes a post instead of resharing, allows to add own text to the original post. By DeusFigendi
  • Tag Filter - allows to filter postings in the stream by tags, can replace all inline-images and iFrames (Videos) by a textlink or icon (or hides it total), helps to add tags you often use. By DeusFigendi

WordPress Plugins

Programmer Tools

  • Cliaspora (package Aur) - A command-line client for Diaspora*
  • Diaspy - Unofficial Python API for Diaspora


  • Diaspora Tools - Python pod2pod contacts and aspects migration script.

Gnu/Linux Command Line Voodoo

If you whant to change your Pod you may need a list of your contacts. This shell command may be usefull for you. Export your Data via "Settings - Account - Export Data - download my xml" and rename this file to d-exported-in.xml Then run this shell script:

grep 'diaspora_handle' d-exported-in.xml | cut -d '>' -f 2 | cut -d '<' -f 1 | sort | uniq | tee d-contacts-out.txt

you'll get the file "d-contacts-out.txt" wich is a list of all your contacts.

Podmin tools