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If you're looking for information about how to add Diaspora* related functionality to your web site, you might want to look at the FAQ for web developers.

Browser add-ons and scripts

Sharing extensions (instantly share on diaspora the page you're visiting)

All browsers



  • Diaspora* Publisher - Allows you to share your favorite pages with your friends; you can also select and share a specific part of the page.
  • Diaspost - Quickly share webpages to Diaspora


More cool stuff (scripts and add-ons to make your diaspora experience smarter)

These scripts require a userscript manager, such as Greasemonkey (Firefox), Tampermonkey (Chrome), or equivalents. Greasemonkey scripts will work immediately on several pods, but not all. You may have to add your own pod to the list of "Included Pages" (in Settings).

Sharing diaspora posts on diaspora: quotes, comments and links

  • Quote Post (previous version) - (script). An additional resharing option that quotes the post and allows to add your comments to it. By DeusFigendi
  • Cross-pod Links - Click a Diaspora post's permalink to copy a server-relative URL to your clipboard. Makes it easy to write links in your Diaspora posts that will work across pods when the people you are sharing with are on a different pod than you.
  • Add podsavelink (previous version) - (script) Provides a universal, pod-independent link for diaspora posts, for pasting in your messages and posts. This relative link, found at the top of a post (screenshot), will open posts in your recipient's pod (if this post has been federated). By DeusFigendi

Editing (markdown) tools

  • It's All Text! - (Firefox add-on) Opens a markdown WYSIWYG editor from any text box, so you can easily format and include images, links, etc. Saving the document sends the code to the text box, no copying+pasting required.
  • Mark It Down: convert rich text to Markdown. (online; note for firefox users) Paste or drag and drop content from a webpage to convert to Markdown. Converts images, links, linked images and all usual formatting. Works best on Chrome. (demo)
  • Copy as Markdown (Chrome & Firefox). A right click provides a formatted web page link or the code to embed an image. Use Addpodsavelink (above) for diaspora posts.
  • Markdown Pad - (Windows, browser-independent) A popular Markdown editor.
  • ReText - (Linux, browser-independent) A simple but efficient Markdown and HTML editor; includes live preview.
  • Enki - (Linux, MacOSX and Windows, browser-independent) A text editor with markdown support (incl. preview). (Ubuntu- & Debian packages available)

Enhancing and customizing the streams

  • Diaspora AutoUpdate - (script). Automatically updates the stream (like Twitter does in its Webinterface). By Faldrian
  • Diaspora Public Posts - (script). Post with Public aspect by default. Useless if your pod is running diaspora >= By SpF


Should be updated:

  • Löwenzahn - (Firefox add-on) This addon showed notifications for new Diaspora messages or notifications. (Not compatible with recent versions of Firefox)
  • Diaspora Tools - (Firefox add-on) Share webpages and images to Diaspora, translate text on Diaspora. (Not compatible with recent versions of Firefox)
  • Tag Filter - mirror - (script) Allowed to filter postings in the stream by tags, can replace all inline-images and iFrames (Videos) by a textlink or icon (or hides it total), helps to add tags you often use. By DeusFigendi (Not fully compatible with recent versions of diaspora*.)
  • Diaspora Translate - (script) Translates posts in your stream, also offers hiding non-ssl images. (A required include url is broken, and Google Translate API is now paid-only)

Mobile applications


Useful links

  • - A profile shortener so people on other pods get you on their pod and A url shortener all pod admins can use.
  • Diaspora Reshare Visualiser - A Javascript tool to display a flow chart of reshares of a particular post.
  • Diaspora Reshare Graph - A D3.js implementation of Reshare Visualizer, includes handy bookmarklet for Single Post View.
  • Diaspora Source Finder - A Bookmarklet for the Single Post View to source the originating server and thread. Works across diaspora and compatible networks.
  • Unicode Character Table - Not specific to Diaspora but a very hand for including Unicode like ★ ☂ ☯ ♫ ❤ in your diaspora posts.
  • PicUp - Free Image / Photography Hosting Platform (with some Diaspora unique features - like sharing or generating markdown links). Comes with an easy API and the Karma reputation system.

For websites

Share on diaspora* buttons

More buttons and tips on FAQ for web developers

WordPress Plugins

  • Diasposter -- Diasposter cross-posts your WordPress entries to Diaspora. Changes to your WordPress posts are reflected in your Diaspora posts.
  • WP to Diaspora -- automatically share your WordPress posts on Diaspora*
  • Share on Diaspora -- adds a Share on D* button at the bottom of WordPress posts.
  • Webfinger Profile Plugin for 'Join me' widget -- displays a widget on your WordPress blog with your profile information from Diaspora, more info. Unsupported, last updated on 2011-9-23.
  • Wordpress plugin: wp-post-to-diaspora when you make a new blog post, this plugin will post a link to it to your diaspora account. Abandoned, last updated on 2011-9-30.
  • Sociable -- a WordPress plugin customized for share content also on Diaspora*. In latest versions, Diaspora support was dropped.

Programmer Tools

  • Cliaspora (package Aur) - A command-line client for Diaspora*
  • Diaspy - Unofficial Python API for Diaspora
  • diaspora tools - Allows you to migrate your contacts from one pod to another. Based on diaspy


Migration between pods

  • Diaspora Tools - Python pod2pod contacts and aspects migration script.

Import/export and syndication tools

Post RSS feeds to a Diaspora* account

Gnu/Linux Command Line Voodoo

If you want to change your Pod you may need a list of your contacts. This shell command may be useful for you. Export your Data via "Settings - Account - Export Data - download my xml" and rename this file to d-exported-in.xml Then run this shell script:

grep 'diaspora_handle' d-exported-in.xml | cut -d '>' -f 2 | cut -d '<' -f 1 | sort | uniq | tee d-contacts-out.txt

you'll get the file "d-contacts-out.txt" which is a list of all your contacts.

Podmin tools