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This page relates to the loomio-discussion and wants suppose different workflows on organising photos in diaspora.

What we have

  • You can write postings in diaspora what link to photos with the syntax ![name](url) and such a posting can contain multiple photos. But all of those photos need to be already stored in the internet (most likely outside of diaspora) when you are writing the posting.
  • You can write a posting in diaspora and include photos, but clicking on a camera icon. Your photos will be uploaded and related to the posting. Technically these photos are not part of your posting text, but appear underneath it as thumbnails. Users can click on them and get a slideshow.
  • In a profile's sidebar (on the left side) of your own profile or the profile of a friend you can see a few photos that the user uploaded via the camera-symbol. You can click on "show all" to get a stream of all photos in bigger size of that user. Unfortunately you get to see all photos unrestricted to the aspects the user once might have chosen when initially writing the posting, where the photos were uploaded. So the photos are more or less public, even if the related postings are not.

The first kind of posting with linked photos are probably something we don't see as part of organising photos. At least right now they don't appear on a profile's photo-stream and they behave differently to uploaded photos, because they are not part of the slideshow. A posting might even have linked photos and uploaded photos and still the slideshow does not contain the linked photos.