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This wiki-page is about setting up vines on your Diaspora installation.
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'''Bugs''': Any bugs or suggestions related to the Vines server goes [https://github.com/diaspora/vines/issues here...]!
Related Diaspora pull-request [https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/pull/5073 diaspora/diaspora#5073]
Vines is an XMPP chat server that connects you with large clusters of machines as easily as chatting with a friend.<br>
It's a new, simpler way to manage your servers in the cloud or the data center.
= Installation =
== Set up branch ==
Checkout or merge xmpp chat feature branch from zauberstuhl/diaspora.git:
git remote add zauberstuhl https://github.com/Zauberstuhl/diaspora.git
git fetch zauberstuhl && git checkout -b xmpp_chat_feature zauberstuhl/xmpp_chat_feature
'''Warning''': xmpp_chat_feature-branch is based upon Diaspora develop-branch!
== Update ==
All required dependencies are included in your Gemfile. The only thing you have to do now is follow the [https://wiki.diasporafoundation.org/Updating Updating-article]!
In short, execute follwing:
export RAILS_ENV=development
bundle install
bundle exec rake assets:precompile
bundle exec rake db:migrate
= Configuration =
You'll find all required configuration parameters in diaspora.yml.example. If you'd like to activate the chat feature<br>
you have to copy paste the chat section from diaspora.yml.example to your actual diaspora.yml configuration file and<br>
activate the chat globally:
    enabled: true
If you have already a working xmpp server and need only the front-end:
    enabled: true
      enabled: false
It is also possible to configure the port and address of the client-to-server, server-to-server and the BOSH service.<br>
You'll also find the required parameters in diaspora.yml.example with a small description.
= Run it =
If you are finished configuring the chat server you can start Diaspora as normal:
Log into Diaspora and you should see the web client in the right corner.<br>
You can also log into it with your favorite desktop client like Pidgin.
For that use your diaspora handle and your diaspora password.
= Debugging =
On default vines will log to log/vines.log and has a info-log-level set.<br>
Set the logging level to debug, info, warn, error, or fatal. The debug level logs all XML sent and received by the server.
        file: 'log/vines.log'
        level: 'debug'

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