Website copy editing

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This page briefly demonstrates the possibility of editing the text in some of the existing templates for Diaspora's interface.


For changing the sidebar, you first need to set up your diaspora development environment. Check the notes on getting started.

Note: You don't need nginx or apache, or even redis and sidekiq to debug front end styles. Once you can bundle, running 'bundle exec thin start' should give you a proper app server that will recompile the templates.

The right sidebar is located in: app/views/shared/_right_sections.html.haml

This is a slightly more complicated file. The structure of the html is represented here, but all of the 'strings' are actually located in the translation file, which is found at config/locals/diaspora/en.yml. This is just a big hash so if you see keys seperated with '.', that is just a different namespace. ctrl-f is your friend. :) Feel free to hop in IRC if this file gets confusing, there are people there with rails translation background.

Once you are done, just add and push back to GitHub as described above, and you should be good to go.