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Current big features we are working on:

To see what is coming up in the next release, see the `Next` milestone on GitHub. Generally this is the list that will be released in the next normal (non-hotfix) release.

If your interested in the future of diaspora*, you can also check the Current and future development page.

Here is a list of the previous releases since diaspora* became a community-run project (more details: on github)


Our version syntax is Version.Major.Minor.Hotfix. The more to the left the increasing number is, the bigger the changes are!


Version Release date Announcement Full changelog Main changes 2018-10-15 Announcement Changelog Remove facebook integration removed, add preliminary for the diaspora:// URI scheme by supporting web+diaspora:// calls. 2018-06-27 Announcement Changelog Add unique index to poll participations on poll_id and author_id, Add 'completed at' date to account migrations, Handle duplicates for TagFollowing on account merging, Add link to the pod in the email footer, Support fetching StatusMessage by Poll GUID, Always include link to diaspora in facebook cross-posts, Allow fonts to be served from asset host in CSP 2018-04-30 Announcement Changelog Remove the 'make contacts in this aspect visible to each other' option, Randomize start times of daily Sidekiq-Cron jobs, Prefill conversation form on contacts page only with mutual contacts, Fix link to 'make yourself an admin', Fix profiles sometimes not loading properly in background tabs, Fix calculation of content lengths when cross-posting to twitter, Make public stream accessible for logged out users, Add account-merging support when receiving an account migration 2018-04-10 Announcement Changelog Fixes a possible cross-site scripting issue with maliciously crafted OpenGraph metadata 2018-03-18 Announcement Changelog Add ability to embed audio and video content in a post, Back-to-top button is now displayed on all pages, Image urls proxied by camo are not indexed by search engines, Fix compatibility with Hubzilla and SocialHome users discovery, Fix a bug that caused some posts to be missing from the stream 2018-02-09 Announcement Changelog updates the German translations to fix some UX issues 2018-02-08 Announcement Changelog Improve UI for userdate export, Increase Twitter character limit to 280, Remove the limit of participants in private conversations 2017-12-25 Announcement Changelog Add birthday notifications, Ignore invalid diaspora:// links, Fix deformed avatar in hovercards, Fix default aspects on profile page and bookmarklet publisher 2017-11-01 Announcement Changelog Fixes an issue with installing and running diaspora* with today released bundler v1.16.0. 2017-10-20 Announcement Changelog Sort notifications by last interaction, Remove reference from reshares when original post is deleted, Merge migrations from before to CreateSchema, Remove rails_admin_histories table, Optimize memory usage on profile export, Limit the number of parallel exports, Reduce memory usage for account deletion, Fix displaying polls with long answers, Fix profile export, Fix recipient prefill on contacts and profile page, Display likes and reshares without login, Add support for diaspora:// links, Add support to relay likes for comments, ... 2017-09-19 Announcement Changelog Update nokogiri to fix multiple libxml2 vulnerabilities. 2017-08-19 Announcement Changelog Mentions in comments, Emhanced color themes, Simplified publisher preview, Add markdown editor for comments and conversations, Update the user data export archive format, Add support for receiving account migrations, Switch to new federation protocol, Fix order of comments across pods, Include count in mobile post action links, Send public profiles publicly, Change sender for mails, Improve stream when ignoring a person who posts a lot of tagged posts 2017-07-12 Announcement Changelog Add admin pages to the mobile interface, add links to discourse 2017-05-29 Announcement Changelog Use guid instead of id at permalink and in single-post view, add NodeInfo 2.0 2017-04-18 Announcement Changelog Add links to liked and commented pages, increase visual spacing between list items, reduce conversation recipient size and add avatar fallback for typeahead and conversations, increase maximal height of large thumbnail on mobile 2017-03-29 Announcement Changelog Fix Nokogiri CVEs 2017-03-12 Announcement Changelog Added a link to the community guidelines, added support for Liberapay donations, some color adjustments in color themes 2017-01-23 Announcement Changelog Access to "My aspects" and "Followed tags" pages on mobile, fixed some issues in the dark color theme, some improvements to the notification dropdown, improved error handling on mobile 2016-12-13 Announcement Changelog Added a dark color theme, added setting for custom changelog URL, added an automatic pull of new notifications every 5 minutes 2016-11-02 Announcement Changelog Added OpenGraph video support, added In-Reply-To and References headers to notification mails, which means you can collapse threads in your mailclient, added support for an optional Content-Security-Policy header, add user setting for default post visibility, allowing people to set their default aspects for posting 2016-09-20 Announcement Changelog Fix issue with bundler 2016-08-26 Announcement Changelog Ability to make your entire profile information public for maximum exposure, <ou can display your location on an OpenStreetMap map, new "flat" design, color themes, ability to post polls and your location on mobile, an entirely rewritten federation code, extracted into a separate library 2016-08-11 Announcement Changelog Update to Rails 2016-06-28 Announcement Changelog Restore mysql2 to Gemfile 2016-06-28 Announcement Changelog 2016-06-07 Announcement Changelog Update Nokogiri to 1.6.8 2016-05-17 Announcement Changelog 2016-04-04 Announcement Changelog 2016-03-08 Announcement Changelog Security updagte 2016-02-22 Announcement Changelog 2016-01-26 Announcement Changelog Fix ActiveRecord regression 2016-01-26 Announcement Changelog Fix various CVEs 2016-01-22 Announcement Changelog Fix Nokogiri CVE and unsafe "Remember me" cookies 2016-01-13 Announcement Changelog 2015-12-19 Announcement Changelog Fix XSS on profile pages, bump nokogiri 2015-11-30 Announcement Changelog 2015-10-20 Announcement Changelog Add the new "Moderator" role, Add stream of all public posts 2015-09-13 - Changelog Fix a leak of potentially private profile data 2015-09-07 - Changelog 2015-07-27 - Changelog 2015-07-02 - Changelog Fix a privacy leak 2015-06-16 - Changelog Update to Rails security release 2015-06-14 Announcement Changelog First minor release in the fixed release schedule 2015-05-06 - Changelog Fixes a small regression in 2015-05-03 Announcement Changelog Major upgrade of Rails and Sidekiq, migration from Blueprint to Bootstrap, drop support of Ruby 1.9 and introduce support of Ruby 2.1 2015-04-11 - Changelog Update Redcarped for OSVDB-120415 2014-10-30 - Changelog Update Rails for CVE-2014-7818 2014-10-03 - Changelog Fix XSS vulnerability 2014-09-14 Announcement Changelog Most pages ported to Bootstrap. Many small improvements and bug fixes. Terms of Service feature. 2014-06-24 - Changelog Fix perfomance regression on stream loading 2014-06-22 Announcement Changelog Report posts and comment, new notification view and dropdown, new mobile menu and drawer, conduct polls, hovercards on bootstrap pages 2014-02-19 - Changelog Bump Rails to 3.2.17 (security update) 2014-02-15 - Changelog Fix YouTube embedding in Firefox, hovercards, infinite stream, bump kaminari 2014-01-20 - Changelog Fix regressions in 2014-01-19 - Changelog New statistics feature, Ruby 2.0, mobile improvements 2013-12-05 - Changelog Bump Rails to version 3.2.16 and the recommended Ruby version to 1.9.3-p484. 2013-08-27 - Changelog New single-post view, Opengraph support, new official website 2013-06-28 - Changelog Add participants to conversation, typhoeus update 2013-05-21 - Changelog Federate location, reshare location 2013-05-19 - Changelog Switch from resque to sidekiq, photo upload on mobile, hotkeys to navigate, posts preview, location with openstreetmap 2013-03-18 - Changelog Fix Rails vulenrabilities 2013-03-11 - Changelog HTTPS source for gemfile for compatibility with bundler 1.3 2013-02-26 - Changelog Fix XSS vulnerability 2013-02-24 - Changelog Some bug fixes 2013-02-17 - Changelog Embed more sites, contact podmin, progress % for uploading image, re-add hovercards, message from profile, mobile settings 2013-02-11 - Changelog Fix rack and json vulnerability 2013-02-01 - Changelog Fix XSS vulnerability 2013-01-28 - Changelog Fix devise vulnerability 2013-01-08 - Changelog Fix rails vulnerability 2013-01-02 - Changelog Fix rails vulnerability 2012-11-20 - Changelog Improve posting to Facebook and Twitter; refactoring 2012-10-24 - Changelog Exception when the initial reshare is deleted 2012-10-09 - Changelog Syntax error in french 2012-10-07 - Changelog Refactor, new setting file, remove 'beta' code
0 2012-08-27 - - diaspora* becomes a community-run project!