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I feel that while we have established consensus on many of these features, they are not currently part of an officially sanctioned community "plan". I think that we need to do several things for a proper roadmap:

1. Break things down into bite-size bits. It's one things to say that refactoring federation is a single thing we want to do, but it's a monumental task. What kinds of small steps would need to be taken to get to the bigger ones?

2. We cannot make gigantic promises for features if we don't have developers to code them. I believe our roadmap should be shaped by the tasks our volunteers want to work on, and in accordance with point one, we ought to think about scaling things down. Solve the smaller problems first, in order to solve bigger problems.

I'm also not entirely sure this should in-and-of-itself be a blogpost, but rather a proper coordinated roadmap. I think a much more sane starting point for a future roadmap could be put together based on TODO-list.

--DeadSuperHero (talk) 20:55, 17 June 2013 (PDT)