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Hi! My name is Melroy van den Berg, a Dutch διασπορά*.

My Diaspora:

I try to inspire & motivate people, I like to learn from them and exchange knowledge. I'm software & GUI developer of Diaspora*.


Software feature requests:

  • Remove spaces before & after of the search input (a.k.a. trim).
  • Implement DHT (Distributed hash table), to search users in a decentralised system. Roma? or Apache Cassandra? + Ruby driver. Please read:
  • Improve common search (boolean expression searches).
  • Improve admin user search by adding wildcards in query, so you do not need to enter the exact full name.
  • Switch language based on IP-address (if not yet already implemented correctly…)
  • Create a new Android app (the current Android app is 2 years old, never updated since)
  • Uploading video’s in a decebtralised way, see: MediaGoblin.
  • Make it possible to create ‘pages’ (like Google+/Facebook) for a company, organisation, product, community, …
  • Make it possible to add a group discussion (several people) instead of only private conversation

GUI changes:

  • Add more color to the header & website, less gloomy
  • Add more icons to menu-items (like, Stream Icon, Activities Icon, Like Icon) and such. This makes it more accessible, to find recognize the feature and adds more color.
  • Improve stream page on mobile (currently blank page). Atleast add an one-liner like “Currently no messages” and a direct link to the publisher. Always better than an empty page.
  • Add wysiwyg editor for markdown
  • Create a beautiful and user friendly welcome page (both mobile & desktop): a _show.html.haml.example which can be re-named.
  • Order stream post by date, importants, publicity, …
  • Replace captcha code by a better alternative.

Text changes:

  • Change text “Switch” to “Wissel” in menu bar in Dutch language.
  • Change text "Loslaten" to "Vindt ik niet meer leuk" in Dutch language.


DHT related

Examples of porting to Bootstrap:


  • diaspora-ui-enhanced_01.jpg
  • group-mock8cac.jpg
  • flat3.png



Good Example's