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It’s #BugMash #Monday!

If you’ve got a bit of spare time and want to help improve #Diaspora’s #code, join in and #help us!

There’s a list of #bugs waiting to be fixed on the [Github bugs page](

The bugs which we've picked out for this week's bugmash are:

- [Alpha branding visible on profile page when logged out]( [newcomer]

- [Unify pop-ups for ‘hide’ and ‘ignore’ buttons]( [newcomer]

- [User stops sharing with me and is removed from MY aspects](

- [Private message fails if contact not entered correctly](

- [Markdown parses some elements in code block](

- [Mobile photo view gets rendered for non-existing stuff](

- [Disable invite button once invite sent](

There are a couple of bugs there which have been marked as suitable for anyone who’s a #newcomer to Diaspora #development. If you think you can help with any of them, please join in our bugmash. Just leave a comment in the discussion on the #Github page for the #bug you want to #fix in order to ‘claim’ that bug. There are some notes on working on bugs [on this page](

You can visit our [IRC development channel]( to chat about how to take part in development or any problems you’re having solving the problem you’re tackling.

Thanks in advance for taking part in making Diaspora better!