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Hallo Welt!

About me

Founder, maintainer and bill payer of

  1. ) (2003) development wiki, Effort - "Enhancing Consumer Informedness"
  2. ) (2004) - "There Is a Way"
  3. ) (me) (2013) Diaspora* pod for people interested in promoting a consumist-freemarketist system.
  4. ) GNU social instance since 2016
  5. ) Hubzilla hub since 2016
  6. ) since 2016

from Helsingfors, Finland

  • You can speak English with me.
  • Ni kan tala Svenska med mig.
  • Voitte puhua Suomea kanssani.
  • Je parle un peu du français
  • Я говорю немнога по-русски.
  • Ich sprächen eine kleine bischen Deutsch.

About D*

To social media it seems one can apply a "citizenship" and "nation state" analogues. To receive services you must be counted in the census.

  • Facebook is a ruthless expansionist imperialist superstate that collects taxes in the form of forcing citizens/users to view non-opt-in ads which they don't.
  • Diaspora* is a loose transnational organization for intercultural exchange.

Feature request: Emigration

is clearly #1 on the wishlist. Implementation of emigration between D* pods so that datas and will help drive innovation and high quality and importantly remove a mental barrier-of-entry of the potential new D* user: "Which pod should I choose? The Free'est? The coolest domained? The one closest geographically? The one with best uptime.. I can't decide.. This is too difficult.. I'ma give up.."

Feature request: Split public into global and local audiences

To allow global aggregation of posts ( and most essential of #hashtags ) marked "global" will be available to all users in all pods whereas the "public" remains as it is


Diaspora has dual id system where one is the webfinger address and the other is a 17 hexadecimal character string so that makes an address space of 295,147,905,179,352,825,856 addresses, which is nice.