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Time and date

Tuesday 11 March 2014, 7.30 PM UTC. #diaspora-meeting @ FreeNode.

Topics to discuss

Podmins list

Fla: We released a hotfix but we wanted to test it first. So we made it available and said to podmins "if you want to test it please test it". Unfortunately, as far as I know, we didn't have any feedback. It would be nice to create a list of podmins, the ones who are running the dev branch, the ones who could be okay to test a pre-release like this hotfix, and the other ones. That way, it would be way more easier to contact the right person to inform them and ask for feedback.

Easy way for users to give some feedback

TL;DR: Do you think we need to improve the situation? What would be the best solution?

Steffen: I didn't want to open a new discussion on Loomio because this topic mainly affects diaspora developers. (How important is user feedback? In which way would we like to get that?)

I had a discussion with another user about that topic and also some friends who just joined diaspora* (Yay, thank you facebook and WhatsApp) told me that there is no easy way for users to give feedback.

We have Loomio which is great for discussing controversial topics and to decide which solution we want to adopt. We have github which is great to report bugs or keep track of missing features. IMO both platforms are not suitable for a "standard user" who has some small suggestions which could be even quite easy to implement. The solutions that came up were

1. A tool similar to Ubuntu brainstorm: Users can add suggestions, other users can vote on them. (Similar to Loomio but without all those developers talking technical gibberish from a users point of view) We would have to point out that this tool is just about getting feedback. The real votes will still be on Loomio and we still need developers to work on that issues.

2. A tool similar to Users can ask questions / add suggestions. Experienced users answer the questions, add the suggestions on github/Loomio or tell a user if the suggestions has already been added on github/Loomio or tell him the reason why we won't implement it. The best case would be that those "experienced users" are a thousand clones of goob. ;)

3. Similar to the second one but use the existing tags on diaspora (#bug, #feature, #question). We still have some "experienced users" who follow those tags and answer the questions / help to arbitrate between users and developers.

Those ideas might be integrated in the existing tools we use (github/Loomio/diaspora*) or use completely new tools.

Use of Loomio

Goob: There is an increasing number of threads being started in Loomio which are either feature requests duplicating previous discussions or are not appropriate for Loomio. We have pages such as Discussion and voting, but the message doesn't seem to be getting through. Any other ideas?

What did we decide?

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