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Time and date

Tuesday 8 July 2014, 6.30 PM UTC. #diaspora-meeting @ FreeNode.

Topics to discuss

Next release

Should we release during the next month?

Guidelines for adding agenda items

Do we need guidelines for adding items to this meeting agenda? In terms both of (a) what sort of items are appropriate, and (b) who can add items.

Close pod-specific issues

The official pod tracker should not have issues which relate only to one pod - unless the issue is proven to somehow relate to core code. By this of course, specific issues are meant. Currently there are 10 tagged as such. Of course it needs to be properly investigated whether those really are specific to

Find a motivated podmin for joindiaspora

Linked to the point above, we definitely need to better administrate joindiaspora. There is spammer accounts which have to be deleted, it is still running the really bugged version (no upgraded to released months ago)... What about asking if there is someone in the community who have enough time and sysadmin skills to correctly run the biggest pod of the network?

External communication

(Postponed from previous meeting)

We don't have much external engagement at the moment. Jason is doing good work with the Twitter account, but that's about it.

  • Should we be blogging and trying to engage press interest, etc, and if so, how should we go about this? Who would like to take part in this? UPDATE: we have just started blogging.
  • We still have the 'Planet' referred to in various places (for example, the wiki) but it has never been set up. Is this something that we still desire, and if so how should we go about setting it up?
  • SADMAN suggests creating a newsletter about Diaspora, its features and releases. It should be interesting for first-time users of pods. In the first issue: we don't have a clear list of what is featured and when, while this is very exciting. Another idea: To list the number of new inscriptions, and number of users. etc. An example

Communication through Diaspora HQ

(Postponed from previous meeting)

  • What kind of communication do we want through Diaspora HQ? Do we need more formal guidelines?
  • Ditto the blog

GitHub issue tags

Should we add two new tags for better controlling of issues:

  • 'needs loomio' - if issue needs a Loomio vote whether it is "wanted or not"
  • 'needs spec' - if issue needs specification work _before_ coding should start

FSSN - or alternative solutions?

We need to discuss the FSSN situation. Do we have alternatives? For example, in Finland it's only ~100€ to set up a non-profit, and needs only two people with Finnish address - rest of the board members can be abroad. Could we go with something like this instead? Finland only an example (Jason). Could not find any EU wide legal structures.

IRL Meeting

It would be really fun (and maybe productive?) to meet up IRL. (Discussion: The mozilla Paris Office can host us during a week end, maybe the Berlin office can do the same?


The official site has been DDOS recently, so everything (including Install guides in the wiki and tutorials) was down. What can we do against that?

What did we decide?

Next release

IRC Logs