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To access the already published versions, check the release page on github.

A lot of people is asking us our roadmap. We certainly have things in our TODO-list but we can't affirm any deadline: we all are volunteers and are working only when we have free time. If your interested in the future of diaspora*, you can also check Current and future development page.

Current big features we are working on:

To see what is coming up in the next release, see the `Next` milestone on GitHub. Generally this is the list that will be released in the next normal (non hotfix) release.

Here is the previous diaspora* releases (more details on github)

Remember: our version syntax is Version.Major.Minor.Hotfix. The most the number increasing is at the left, the biggest the changes are!

Version Release date Full changelog Main changes
0 2012-08-27 - diaspora* becomes a community run project! 2012-10-07 Changelog Refactor, new setting file, remove 'beta' code 2012-10-09 Changelog Syntax error in french 2012-10-24 Changelog Exception when the initial reshare is deleted 2012-11-20 Changelog Improve posting to Facebook and Twitter; refactoring 2013-01-02 Changelog Fix rails vulnerability 2013-01-08 Changelog Fix rails vulnerability 2013-01-28 Changelog Fix devise vulnerability 2013-02-01 Changelog Fix XSS vulnerability 2013-02-11 Changelog Fix rack and json vulnerability 2013-02-17 Changelog Embed more sites, contact podmin, progress % for uploading image, re-add hovercards, message from profile, mobile settings 2013-02-24 Changelog Some bug fixes 2013-02-26 Changelog Fix XSS vulnerability 2013-03-11 Changelog HTTPS source for gemfile for compatibility with bundler 1.3 2013-03-18 Changelog Fix Rails vulenrabilities 2013-05-19 Changelog Switch from resque to sidekiq, photo upload on mobile, hotkeys to navigate, posts preview, location with openstreetmap 2013-05-21 Changelog Federate location, reshare location 2013-06-28 Changelog Add participants to conversation, typhoeus update 2013-08-27 Changelog New Single Post View, Opengraph support, new official website 2013-12-05 Changelog Bump Rails to version 3.2.16 and the recommended Ruby version to 1.9.3-p484. 2014-01-19 Changelog New statistics feature, Ruby 2.0, mobile improvements 2014-01-20 Changelog Fix regressions in 2014-02-15 Changelog Fix YouTube embedding in Firefox, hovercards, infinite stream, bump kaminari 2014-02-19 Changelog Bump Rails to 3.2.17 (security update) 2014-06-22 Changelog Report posts and comment, new notification view and dropdown, new mobile menu and drawer, conduct polls, hovercards on bootstrap pages 2014-06-24 Changelog Fix perfomance regression on stream loading 2014-09-14 Changelog Most pages ported to Bootstrap. Many small improvements and bug fixes. Terms of Service feature. 2014-10-03 Changelog Fix XSS vulnerability Planned end of 2014 Changelog Major upgrade of Rails and Sidekiq, migration from Blueprint to Bootstrap, drop support of Ruby 1.9 and introduce support of Ruby 2.1