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Emerge the required ebuilds

Diaspora requires threads support in ruby. Make sure that ruby ebuild is emerged with "threads" use flag. E.g., my /etc/portage/package.use file has the following line:

dev-lang/ruby threads

Imagemagick is used by Diaspora to process image uploads. Make sure that imagemagick is built with the following use flags:

media-gfx/imagemagick autotrace bzip2 corefonts fftw fontconfig hdri jbig jpeg jpeg2k lcms lzma openexr pango png postscript raw svg tiff truetype wmf xml zlib

Then emerge the needed components:

emerge nodejs imagemagick mysql dev-vcs/git libxslt ruby rubygems dev-db/redis

  • If you encounter circular dependencies with autotrace and imagemagick, disable the autotrace USE flag, emerge them both, and then enable and re-emerge.

Set UTF-8 locale

UTF-8 locale is needed for Diaspora build (specifically, command bundle install --without development test heroku) to be successful. Make sure the LANG variable is set to en_US.UTF-8 (tested value but it looks like any UTF8 locale is OK).

Can be done by adding the follwing line into /etc/env.d/02locale

export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

Then env-update and source /etc/profile commands should be launched.

Select ruby19 profile

Check what ruby profiles are installed at your system

eselect ruby list

Make sure ruby19 is used as system profile (eselect ruby set)

Install rails and bundler through ruby gems

gem update --system 
gem install rails 
gem install bundler

Configure and start mysql database

Configure and start mysqld. Create database needed for diaspora and the user which has full access to the database. Gentoo MySQL Startup Guide can help a lot if you have never deployed MySQL database on Gentoo.

Don't forget to run /usr/bin/mysql_secure_installation if this is fresh install of mysql server. It is recommended to disable connections to mysqld from outside localhost. This is default configuration which can be validated by checking netstat -l output.

Make sure that database is created with utf8 as charset and utf8_bin as collation:


Later Diaspora config (config/database.yml) should point to the database name you have created.

When mysqld is up and running, don't forget to add it to default runlevel:

rc-update add mysql default 

Start Redis

Start Redis:

/etc/init.d/redis start

and add it to the default runlevel:

rc-update add redis default

It is recommended to disable connections to redis from outside localhost. This is default configuration which can be validated by checking netstat -l output.

Create system user to run Dispora

Create system user to run Diaspora:

useradd -m diaspora

Deploy Diaspora

Distribution-specific preparation are done. Login as diaspora user and deploy Diaspora according to generic installation instructions.


You have all your dependencies installed. Proceed to Installation/Backport#Get_the_source