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»» Important
The following instructions are maintained by community contributors and describe the installation inside an environment not supported by the diaspora* team.

Due to the nature of these installations, diaspora* might not work, have some limitations, or encounter unexpected issues. The diaspora* team might not be able to help you with troubleshooting your installation. Proceed at your own risk.

Please check our official installation guides for information on how to install diaspora* inside a supported environment.

Installers and cloud images

BitNami created some installers, virtual machine images and PaaS images using their stack, find an overview at the their page.


Please see BitNami diaspora* wiki for help. You can also ask for help via the normal channels, but since the BitNami stack is set up differently from a standard diaspora* install, it is best to check out the BitNami wiki first.

Managing services

See their wiki page.