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Time and date

Monday the 29nd of August 2016, 7 PM UTC. #diaspora-meeting @ FreeNode.

Topics to discuss

Marketing of 0.6

Now that 0.6 is released, we should promote it by:

- Improving the blog post (sorry about that :s) - Post the news on Twitter / Facebook / reddit / etc - Wrote messages with diaspora HQ to highlight some features milestone

We usually assign a milestone to an issue only when we solve it, to avoid doing fake promise we can fail to achieve. However, we can still discuss what we want to focus for the next major release. Those issues could then be pushed forward for example with bounties on bountysource.


- Being able to mention using the mobile version #4817

- API #6182 #6289

- Our federation model produces dangling data #6806

- Don't retry dead pods indefinately #6220

- Chat : We have it for a long time but it is still barely usable. It would be nice to correctly finish it

New core member

We need more reviewers and SuperTux88 did an awesome job with the codebase recently, so I would like to propose to integrate him in the core team :D

Account migration feature

I'd like my account migration job to be prioritized for review since I'm determined to finish it ASAP. - Senya (talk)

Hackathon ?

It would be awesome to meet all together and hack on diaspora*!

A teamboard

How about adding a teamboard?

What did we decide?

- Make Fla a new "help wanted" label man

- Promote SuperTux88 to the core team

- DenSchub says he is going to focus on senya's PR

- Hackathon -- use loomio??

- Teamboard -- DenSchub's employee is working on a software solution for that

- Give DenSchub facebook group permissions

IRC Logs

(22:02:31) senya: hey, everyone!
(22:03:28) flab: hey!
(22:04:50) svbergerem: hi :)
(22:05:02) goob_: Hey! Long time...
(22:05:14) flab: goob_, :D
(22:06:17) flab: I'm currently watching the release video :D
(22:06:41) senya: I watched the broadcast :)
(22:06:46) CSammy: \o/
(22:06:48) CSammy: hey there
(22:08:12) flab: who's missing?
(22:09:17) flab: looks like raven is not here, too bad
(22:09:25) flab: we can probably start anyway
(22:09:40) flab: is someone recording, so we have the backlog?
(22:10:08) DenSchub: wahh
(22:10:12) DenSchub: meeting!
(22:10:14) DenSchub: riiight
(22:10:18) flab: :D
(22:10:19) jhass: my bouncer, your bouncer, SuperTux88 bouncer, senya bouncer :P
(22:10:32) SuperTux88: :D
(22:10:32) flab: that's fine then :P
(22:11:02) flab: so, first of all, an massive congratulation to everybody for the 0.6 release!
(22:11:13) svbergerem: ty DenSchub :)
(22:11:22) goob_: Yes. Big thanks to all the coders and maintainers!
(22:11:28) режим (-m ) установлен jhass
(22:11:42) flab: I was unfortunately not available this weekend so I didn't follow but looks like everything went fine?
(22:11:47) DenSchub: yeah
(22:11:54) DenSchub: my releases always go without any troubles
(22:11:59) flab: :D
(22:12:01) svbergerem: :D
(22:12:01) SuperTux88: :D
(22:12:22) flab: you should continue to do that for the next years so
(22:12:29) DenSchub: flab: release videos?
(22:12:39) flab: DenSchub, well, releases
(22:12:43) flab: but videos too :D
(22:12:49) flab: jhass, no more muting?
(22:12:50) DenSchub: lol
(22:13:16) jhass: open party today :P
(22:13:33) flab: unfortunately I didn't polish the blogpost as I wanted to do
(22:13:48) DenSchub: yeah, it's still a bit off
(22:13:56) DenSchub: i am working on working on it
(22:14:11) goob_: I polished the English, but didn't know enough about the technical details.
(22:14:35) DenSchub: yeah, no worries
(22:15:01) flab: I'll see if I can do better, and I also want to prepare press release and highlight some specific features with dhq
(22:15:21) flab: but loomio should be enough to talk about that, I'll see with goob_
(22:15:53) flab: does anyone want to say something special about 0.6 (and its promotion)?
(22:16:25) flab: or we can move to the next item?
(22:17:29) senya: flab: are you okay with facilitating the meeting?
(22:18:24) flab: senya, yeah, I kind of do that since Sean left
(22:18:40) CSammy: I guess nobody is opposing to continue
(22:18:47) SuperTux88: flab: I'm unsure about "API & OpenID" in the blogpost, because there is no API yet
(22:18:54) senya: nice, just clarifying
(22:18:59) SuperTux88: could maybe confuse someone?
(22:19:06) senya: hmm
(22:19:29) senya: the wiki post says "We usually assign a milestone to an issue only when we solve it, to avoid doing fake promise we can fail to achieve"
(22:19:44) flab: the pad is here: don't hesitate to modify we can edit the blog post
(22:20:04) senya: but we still had a plenty of milestones on issues before the release
(22:20:10) senya: it was bugs mostly
(22:20:16) senya: but still
(22:20:54) senya: if we don't want to assign release milestone on issue, I think that having some "priority" labels would be nice
(22:21:01) flab: yep
(22:21:08) flab: senya, I wrote that just to clarify
(22:21:27) flab: that we usually not engage ourselves about what will be in the next release
(22:22:13) DenSchub: senya: i basically assigned milestones to issues that I thought were very improtant
(22:23:03) CSammy: unless someone complained and some were suggested
(22:23:34) DenSchub: which I sometimes did not agree with ;)
(22:23:46) senya: before milestone assignment helped to attract developers and maintainers attention to issues. milestone was the reason for me to choose where to participate. also, it helped for maintainers to sort out what to review in prior. So I propose to mark some prioritized issues with milestones or labels anyway.
(22:24:21) CSammy: "milestone" and "milestone (probably)"?
(22:24:37) flab: +1 to prioritize issues, I don't what's best between milestone and labels
(22:24:43) DenSchub: we usually don't have plans on what should be included in a certain release and it's not really important anyway
(22:25:04) svbergerem: we merge stuff when it's done
(22:25:07) DenSchub: and for minor release, it doesn't even matter
(22:25:12) SuperTux88: +1
(22:25:14) DenSchub: if it's done, it'll be released in 6 weeks
(22:25:38) goob_: We discussed assigning priorities to issues before. As I remember it, the admins think this is not useful as people will code what they want to code.
(22:25:41) DenSchub: so adding milestones to issues that could be interesting creates more work and I don't really see the point
(22:25:55) CSammy: I'd prefer a roadmap on what we'd like to achieve for the next major
(22:25:58) DenSchub: preparing a major release is another story
(22:26:33) DenSchub: CSammy: cool; do you opt for triaging all incoming issues and assigning targets to them?
(22:26:44) flab: DenSchub, I agree to do that ;)
(22:26:56) flab: by discussing with everybody of course
(22:27:09) DenSchub: yeah, see, here is the thing
(22:27:15) svbergerem: major releases happen when there is enough stuff in develop we didn't want to release yet and we think that those changes are stable enough.
(22:27:19) DenSchub: nobody is able to decide that on themselves
(22:27:25) DenSchub: and we have releases all 6 weeks
(22:27:39) DenSchub: so we create a lot of work just by moving issues around
(22:27:54) DenSchub: we're not a company, we cannot assign a issue to a sprint and we can be somewhat certain it will be done
(22:28:07) DenSchub: quite the opposite actually, most of the issues will NOT be done
(22:28:16) flab: >we're not a company, we cannot assign a issue to a sprint and we can be somewhat certain it will be done
(22:28:19) SuperTux88: move many issues to the next milestone every 6 weeks doesn't help ;)
(22:28:28) flab: yes, for minor release this is definitely a blocking point
(22:28:50) flab: that's why the solution is probably labels
(22:29:21) DenSchub: and what should be prioritize?
(22:29:32) senya: maybe that's just a way to show what the core thinks about one or another issue
(22:29:33) CSammy: how about a label "next minor"? if it doesn't get done, bad luck, but it's clear we consider it important, and it'll be tagged for the next after that automatically
(22:29:34) DenSchub: if you ask on loomio, I am sure the chat and groups will have a very high priority
(22:30:34) flab: DenSchub, yep, I don't want a loomio vote with the all community, the problem I think we should solve, is how to highlight some issues which are important
(22:30:54) DenSchub: i don't even know what's important :)
(22:30:57) flab: when some others are just "bonus if someone wants to do it why not but we will not lose time on that"
(22:31:33) svbergerem: flab: in which way would that improve things?
(22:31:33) senya: for example API is demanded, API is in the state that it could actually be finished in one or two majors. so marking it as priority would attract some attention (of contributors or else).
(22:31:59) CSammy: user experience breaking bugs and security issues are important (for daily incoming stuff), features the after-minor-release-meeting decides on as well
(22:32:16) DenSchub: the API is nothing for a first time contributor, and long time contributors know what's up
(22:32:34) CSammy: API is nothing for a minor
(22:32:37) DenSchub: security issues will be taken care of out-of-github
(22:32:38) senya: DenSchub: tbh, it's not completely true :)
(22:32:40) svbergerem: security issues are already handled as high priority as well as regressions. we have labels for those.
(22:32:45) DenSchub: and usually fixed within some minutes
(22:32:47) DenSchub: :p
(22:33:01) DenSchub: and for other very improtant stuff, there's a blocking-release label
(22:33:07) senya: I'm not a  first time contributor, but I'm not a long time contributor
(22:33:26) DenSchub: yes you are
(22:33:26) svbergerem: and as DenSchub wrote in most cases security issues won't be even handled via github.
(22:33:27) DenSchub: :p
(22:33:39) senya: sometimes it's not clear to me what is the best way to act
(22:33:41) SuperTux88: everybody can just do, what he thinks it's important?
(22:33:43) flab: what I mean is, we have 350 open issues
(22:33:50) flab: some of them are really minor
(22:33:56) flab: like for example, nobody cares
(22:34:16) SuperTux88: flab: if nobody cares, nobody will fix it
(22:34:27) SuperTux88: and if somebody cares, he will fix it
(22:34:35) DenSchub: *they will fix it.
(22:34:56) flab: SuperTux88, yep, the problem is, when I have one hour available for diaspora* I don't know immediately on what I should work
(22:35:03) svbergerem: flab: because refactoring the conversations page to render client side using markdown-it will fix the issue but that is a bigger task
(22:35:04) flab: if I spend 30 minutes to find an issue to fix
(22:35:11) senya: okay, I guess, if there is some opposition to any kind of labelling, I'm not insisting
(22:35:37) DenSchub: we have the quickfix label
(22:35:43) DenSchub: that's probably all you can do within an hour
(22:35:46) DenSchub: if anything
(22:37:26) flab: yep that label is nice :)
(22:37:37) CSammy: how about we create a newcomer friendly label and try to always keep a few issues in there?
(22:37:40) DenSchub: and if we would use labels, adding a "low priority" label to some bugs will cause trouble
(22:37:56) flab: DenSchub, +1 on this
(22:37:59) flab: trolls are everywhere
(22:38:10) DenSchub: CSammy: 30 open issues
(22:38:17) senya: that's not about fixing it fast, but rather about deciding what is important or not by some "team consensus". like federation refactoring is important. groups are not, unless federation refactoring is merged.
(22:38:28) senya: that's just another level of communication
(22:38:30) CSammy: DenSchub: Apparently, I need more sleep. Thanks for the hint
(22:38:46) DenSchub: but "important task" != "newcomer friendly task"
(22:38:56) flab: DenSchub, yep, I never talked about newcomer ;)
(22:38:57) senya: since we had some issues with that in the past
(22:39:06) DenSchub: we could create one (and only one) label called "high priority"
(22:39:11) flab: for example, I feel like deserves a really hight priority
(22:39:17) CSammy: I think the majority is of the opinion that the important things will get tackled by the team anyway
(22:39:29) flab: >we could create one (and only one) label called "high priority"
(22:39:33) flab: that would be perfect
(22:39:58) senya: also
(22:40:40) DenSchub: flab: so, you opt in into managing that?
(22:40:51) flab: DenSchub, yes
(22:40:56) SuperTux88: flab: I'll work on this soon :)
(22:41:00) DenSchub: so
(22:41:02) DenSchub: let's try?
(22:41:03) goob_: We could perhaps pick some issues that are priority for the project and periodicaly publicise them via the Diaspora HQ account, asking for volunteers to fix them?
(22:41:35) goob_: What does jhass think about the 'high priority' tag?
(22:41:37) senya: Team members are not very responsive sometimes. I mean, some of my posts didn't have replies for months. So marking something as important may help to sort what to reply first, what next
(22:41:37) flab: we could have a meeting every 6 weeks to decide what to prioritize? At the same time that we release the minor for example
(22:41:39) svbergerem: sorry if I interupt, but what kind of topic are we dealing with right now? did we finish topic 1? (marketing of 0.6)
(22:41:49) senya: some things are just get forgotten or so
(22:41:52) senya: sometimes
(22:41:59) flab: svbergerem, we skipped the 2 and are on the 3 actually
(22:42:16) DenSchub: if fla thinks he is able to triage issues and assign high-prio labels, why not? we will not cause any issues by assigning low priorities and if fla takes care of that label, no objections
(22:42:47) DenSchub: but -- for the regular meetings, to be honest
(22:42:52) DenSchub: because there is the issue again
(22:43:04) jhass: flab: do you think you can do it without doing it opinionated?
(22:43:18) senya: oh damn, do we have a meeting plan? I don't see one here:
(22:43:18) DenSchub: participating there would require everyone involved being aware of all issues
(22:44:00) DenSchub: ?!
(22:44:08) flab: jhass, the best way to do it imo would be with a regular meeting as I suggested above, but if it's too heavy I can try do this alone
(22:44:20) senya: DenSchub: yes, but what means "we skipped the 2 and are on the 3 actually" then?
(22:44:34) DenSchub: senya: there are 5 subheadlines
(22:44:44) jhass: a regular meeting won't work out
(22:44:51) flab: senya, that means we are at the 0.7 milestone topic, as you started this discussion and the order doesn't matter
(22:44:59) flab: I'll swap the two items ;)
(22:45:07) senya: okay
(22:45:24) senya: I also don't think regular meetings will work
(22:46:06) CSammy: only with proper preparation of all participating, which ... won't happen
(22:46:08) senya: e.g., I'm concerned about #6806
(22:46:14) senya:
(22:46:31) senya: I think this is one of the things that should be handled next
(22:46:35) svbergerem: we had discussions about priorities before
(22:46:48) flab: ><jhass> flab: do you think you can do it without doing it opinionated?   ->  In my opinion, bug which are encountered with many users should be marked high priority
(22:46:51) svbergerem: as you can see we all have our own priorities
(22:47:00) senya: how do I know if the core team considers it as important or not, if I didn't get much reply on that?
(22:47:13) DenSchub: senya: nobody closed it.
(22:47:37) CSammy: DenSchub: That marks it relevant, not important.
(22:47:44) DenSchub: agreed
(22:47:55) DenSchub: but i'm not really able to judge that
(22:47:58) jhass: flab: it's hard to measure that accurately, some things affect a few very verbose power users, other things might affect a lot more people who just turn away then or ignore it
(22:49:06) flab: jhass, I propose to come here on IRC when I'm not sure about how to prioritize an issue and to discuss it with present people
(22:49:39) flab: but I feel like I should be able to not be influenced by people like
(22:49:41) flab: :p
(22:49:51) jhass: okay, a compromise, how about a "help wanted" label?
(22:50:46) jhass: or "PR wanted" or whatever
(22:50:50) DenSchub: that's basically the same, but with nicer wording
(22:51:23) senya: yep, I like the "help wanted thing"
(22:51:31) senya: *"help wanted" thing
(22:51:44) jhass: it doesn't suggest that other things are less important
(22:51:50) flab: fine for me :)
(22:51:57) DenSchub: jhass: that's very much true.
(22:51:59) DenSchub: ++
(22:52:32) flab: SuperTux88, svbergerem ?
(22:52:55) svbergerem: jhass: we have some ltr and accessibility issues and it looks like there is noone experienced working on them, so the label could also work for those.
(22:53:02) svbergerem: jhass++
(22:53:24) flab: well, about that, I'm not too sure
(22:53:47) DenSchub: :p
(22:53:57) flab: my point was too highlight important bugs, I don't know if we have many ltr users
(22:54:06) flab: DenSchub, :D :D :D
(22:54:31) jhass: well it's a chicken/egg problem, if diaspora is not usable for RTL users...
(22:54:35) jhass: anyway
(22:54:37) jhass: then I suggest a quick core voting: Add fla as member to the organization for label management. /cc SuperTux88 DenSchub svbergerem
(22:54:38) jhass: +1
(22:54:54) svbergerem: +1
(22:55:02) SuperTux88: +1
(22:55:12) jhass: majority achieved, accepted
(22:55:17) flab: :D
(22:55:25) SuperTux88: but I'm not in the core team ;)
(22:55:37) flab: github is still not allowing "manager" role?
(22:55:38) jhass: oh, right I thought you were :P
(22:55:43) jhass: yeah, sadly
(22:55:43) SuperTux88: :D
(22:55:47) flab: SuperTux88, have a look at the next item of the meeting ;)
(22:56:18) SuperTux88: flab: oh :D
(22:56:23) CSammy: the majority of present core members was achieved anyway
(22:56:42) DenSchub: jhass: +1, sorry
(22:56:46) DenSchub: :D
(22:57:10) goob_: If I'm not too late, there used to be a selection of issues considered important by the (old) core team which were labelled that someone experienced would offer to help anyone who chose to tackle it.
(22:57:11) flab: jhass, and others, I promise to not use that right to commit code
(22:57:21) DenSchub: lol
(22:57:24) svbergerem: :D
(22:57:30) goob_: Would that be feasible if we got together a core of coders who would be willing to do this?
(22:57:38) svbergerem: use the force flab
(22:57:41) flab: :D
(22:57:52) svbergerem: oh, sorry. don't use the force flab!
(22:57:54) svbergerem: :D
(22:58:01) DenSchub: goob_: you're talking about the bug mash monday?
(22:58:06) DenSchub: or whatevs it was called?
(22:58:26) goob_: No, it used to be in the wiki. I'll see if I can dig it out, but I assume it has been deleted.
(22:58:37) DenSchub: yeah, same issue, someone has to maintain it
(22:58:52) DenSchub: the "help wanted" label works fine for me, let's try that. and if it fails, we can discuss again
(22:59:19) SuperTux88: goob_: there is:
(22:59:23) DenSchub: i'm not to keen on bikeshedding a way to prioritize issues, tbh
(22:59:27) SuperTux88: but I think is old ;)
(23:00:17) flab: so, decision is taken
(23:00:20) DenSchub: yeah
(23:00:23) goob_: No it was older than that, I'm talking 5-6 years ago. I'm just wondering whether a similar project would be feasible now.
(23:00:26) senya: this page looks like some teamboard
(23:00:37) goob_: [goes off to look up 'bikeshedding'…]
(23:00:49) senya: which we discussed before as nice to have
(23:00:50) flab: do we want to think about some priorities for 0.7 now?
(23:00:50) DenSchub: goob_:
(23:01:01) flab: SuperTux88, already has plan for the federation evolution
(23:01:50) SuperTux88: flab: I'll do the next step for 0.7, switch to the new protocol (0.6 added forward compatibility)
(23:01:50) CSammy: goob_: I believe the team is too small right now to achieve that
(23:02:49) CSammy: Btw: Was there a decision on what to do with the "API" mention in the blog post for 0.6?
(23:02:57) DenSchub: an api would be nice
(23:02:58) CSammy: What SuperTux88 brought up
(23:03:23) CSammy: People may be confused if 0.6 mentions the API in that way
(23:03:34) DenSchub: CSammy: we've agreed on rewording the blog post for less confusion
(23:03:44) goob_: CSammy, any edits to the blog do them in the pad and ping me and flab.
(23:03:46) CSammy: DenSchub: Thanks for clearing that up, sorry for missing it
(23:03:48) SuperTux88: CSammy: I think we should remove the "API" and just write "OpenID", I can edit that in the pad, if there are no objections
(23:03:57) DenSchub: also, sorry, but please don't jump back to previous topics or we will have a huge mess :)
(23:04:27) CSammy: DenSchub: We jumped from that question to prioritizing without any noticeable cut, so I was lost a bit
(23:04:36) DenSchub: okay, accepted
(23:04:41) goob_: OK, so priorities for
(23:05:02) DenSchub: yeah
(23:05:12) DenSchub: how about.. an api?
(23:05:19) flab: +1
(23:05:21) SuperTux88: +1
(23:05:21) senya: +1
(23:05:22) svbergerem: +1
(23:05:28) goob_: +100.
(23:05:33) DenSchub: :p
(23:05:33) svbergerem: -99
(23:05:40) CSammy: eh, +2
(23:05:42) flab: theworldbright, just in case :p
(23:05:48) svbergerem: sorry goob_, but there is just a +1 for everyone ;)
(23:06:03) flab: I also really would like to see the chat polished, many pod activated it, and we have a lot of support, explaining what's going on to user
(23:06:06) goob_: But, as above, let's see how and if we can effectively prioritise anything.
(23:06:24) DenSchub: yeah, i'd honestly move the decision a bit
(23:06:27) flab: currently it can of work, but the UX is terrible
(23:06:36) senya: do we need "help wanted" for api?
(23:06:52) DenSchub: no, but that's probably the only thing
(23:07:38) goob_: The trouble with API is, it's so big that a number of times someone (or a group of people) has started coding it and then given up. There are a few abandoned PRs in the repo, I think.
(23:07:40) flab: DenSchub, I didn't get what you meant sorry
(23:08:22) goob_: In this discussion, are we looking for things that we would hold up to include?
(23:08:43) goob_: I don't think we should insist on an API being ready for the next major release.
(23:08:48) DenSchub: flab: I'd like to postpone any discussions regarding we've just finished, a lot of stuff is hanging mid-air (like the chat, the migration, ..) and we probably should work on that a bit before we can discuss about what can and should be included in a
(23:09:15) SuperTux88: +1
(23:09:18) svbergerem: +1
(23:09:35) goob_: +100 -99.
(23:09:43) flab: fair enough ;)
(23:09:53) svbergerem: I think we should start talking about when we feel like we are ready for
(23:10:07) DenSchub: yeah
(23:10:07) SuperTux88: I'll no concentrate on, to polish some stuff of
(23:10:22) svbergerem: goob_++
(23:10:22) DenSchub: <3
(23:10:58) flab: I'll try to ping lukas and help him, I had so many users asking about the chat that I wanted to talk about it here
(23:11:23) flab: okay so while we are at it, do we need to talk about 0.6.1?
(23:11:38) flab: or do we go to the next item, SuperTux88 in the core team?
(23:11:54) DenSchub: our minor releases are working fine as is
(23:12:26) goob_: Yes, I'd like to say that the 6-week schedule for minor releases has been a really good introduction. Thanks, DenSchub.
(23:12:32) svbergerem: DenSchub++
(23:12:33) senya: what do one does to add topics to the discussion plan now? change the wiki or just propose there?
(23:12:37) SuperTux88: DenSchub++
(23:12:51) DenSchub: senya: add it to the wiki, i gues
(23:12:52) DenSchub: +s
(23:13:18) CSammy: how about everyone does as SuperTux88 did and mentions what they'd like to tackle next?
(23:13:21) goob_: But not too many items, we've been here 1hour+ and only covered 1 item...
(23:13:27) CSammy: or is that too fuzzy
(23:13:50) goob_: CSammy flab is chairperson for this meeting - he decides.
(23:13:55) flab: CSammy, that would be nice, we would have an idea of what's going on
(23:14:06) flab: I will try to help for the chat UX
(23:14:09) senya: updated
(23:14:16) DenSchub: goob_: yeah, fla is bad at running short meetings. (sorry :D)
(23:14:30) goob_: Oh sorry, you mean tackle next in coding - I thought you meant tackle next in the meeting.
(23:15:07) goob_: My tutorial updates for 0.6 are awaiting review… :P
(23:15:19) flab: goob_, I'll finish that too :P
(23:15:41) senya: "tackle next in coding"
(23:15:41) CSammy: I'm going to look at speed issues with tags and stream loading in general to reduce load on the database
(23:15:47) flab: okay so 5 minutes on this topic and then we move on, svbergerem DenSchub CSammy jhass senya on what do you plan to work on the next few weeks?
(23:15:55) senya: that actually what I added to the wiki as "2.6"
(23:15:55) DenSchub: ehm
(23:16:07) DenSchub: flab: nothing.
(23:16:17) CSammy: DenSchub: managing?
(23:16:22) DenSchub: like, reviewing code and stuff
(23:16:24) DenSchub: but no code from me
(23:16:27) DenSchub: CSammy: yeah
(23:16:29) senya: flab: migrations, hopefully
(23:16:29) jhass: ditto
(23:16:31) flab: that's already a lot :)
(23:16:32) svbergerem: flab: me neither
(23:16:41) svbergerem: no concrete plans
(23:16:52) svbergerem: except for reviews
(23:16:57) goob_: I think DenSchub, jhass and svbergerem deserve a holiday after getting 0.6 out!
(23:17:09) CSammy: (and SuperTux88)
(23:17:15) DenSchub: especially SuperTux88
(23:17:21) flab: nice every reviewers, senya and Augier have some PRs waiting :)
(23:17:22) DenSchub: well, no
(23:17:23) DenSchub: everyone
(23:17:30) goob_: Oh yes, sorry. I knew I was forgetting at least one person...
(23:17:40) flab: okay that's fine for me
(23:17:45) flab: so I propose to go to the next topic
(23:17:49) flab: introducing
(23:17:52) CSammy: :)
(23:17:54) flab: SuperTux88, has a core member
(23:18:08) flab: the core team usually votes on loomio
(23:18:11) goob_: Quickly: DenSchub, I found that wiki article with core team members helping with PRs:
(23:18:32) goob_: Perhaps it needs to be deleted? Or is it something that could be used again for priority tasks?
(23:19:00) DenSchub: goob_: discuss with flab, he's the new guy who assigns "need help" labels. ping me in doubt
(23:19:20) goob_: OK.
(23:19:36) DenSchub: so, about that core thingy
(23:19:42) DenSchub: what does it even mean?
(23:20:08) flab: DenSchub, SuperTux88 isn't member of the diaspora/diaspora core team
(23:20:14) flab: so he can't merge stuff
(23:20:19) goob_: Does this mean assign as an admin with core code access? Or to become one of the more nebulous 'core team' (which is really just whoever is helping out a lot at the time).
(23:20:27) DenSchub: it's more a burden than a privilege since it involes code reviewing instead of writing code and writing a lot of github comments and making decisions nobody wants to do
(23:20:49) goob_: If it applies to core code access, I think only those currently with core code access can vote on/discuss this.
(23:21:11) flab: DenSchub, he is not forced to do anything, it's just a proposition I wanted to do, he's the first one we should ask
(23:21:19) flab: <goob_> If it applies to core code access, I think only those currently with core code access can vote on/discuss this.
(23:21:32) flab: exactly, that's how we process, usually on loomio
(23:22:10) senya: maybe the more people on core, the less burden it is?
(23:22:22) senya: actually SuperTux88 is already doing some good reviews
(23:22:25) DenSchub: so, let me talk for a second here
(23:22:49) goob_: There's a loomio subgroup for proposing new members to the core team with commit access.
(23:22:49) DenSchub: that's how github looks like:
(23:23:22) DenSchub: technically, SuperTux88 is already member of the "team" since he's part of the organization.
(23:23:30) DenSchub: that was required since he needs access to  diaspora/diaspora_federation
(23:24:13) DenSchub: fla is suggesting adding SuperTux88 to the "core team"
(23:24:34) DenSchub: which has write-access to diaspora/diaspora
(23:24:56) DenSchub: so, SuperTux88. do you feel like working on anything that would need write access to diaspora/diaspora?
(23:25:29) DenSchub: that would be stuff like triaging issues (assigning labels), closing issues if needed, merging stuff if it's reviewed and mergeable, ...
(23:25:47) SuperTux88: It could be helpful sometimes
(23:25:53) SuperTux88: now I ask you everytime I need something I don't have the permissions ;)
(23:26:28) goob_: We have a Loomio group to propose new members to the Github core access team:
(23:26:35) jhass: that's a yes, let's vote /cc DenSchub svbergerem
(23:26:42) DenSchub: goob_: not needed. everyone is here
(23:26:42) jhass: +1
(23:26:47) DenSchub: so, if SuperTux88 is interested
(23:26:49) DenSchub: +1
(23:26:50) svbergerem: +1
(23:26:52) DenSchub: k.
(23:26:53) flab: :D
(23:26:58) flab: congrats mate
(23:26:58) SuperTux88: :D
(23:27:09) DenSchub: talking about the core team
(23:27:13) DenSchub: (sorry for not adding that to the wiki)
(23:27:16) DenSchub: raven.
(23:27:39) goob_: Well done, SUperTux88. Looking forward to more great work from you!
(23:27:52) goob_: Yeah, how is raven? Haven't seen him for a long time.
(23:27:56) jhass: we probably should try to get in contact with him and ask him about his current interests/status
(23:28:19) senya: he wrote something about it on #diaspora-dev not so long ago
(23:28:32) flab: yeah when I asked about it
(23:28:59) DenSchub: he was in diaspora-de recently
(23:29:06) DenSchub: (sorry, had to open the door for the pizza delivery)
(23:29:17) SuperTux88: :D
(23:29:28) DenSchub: and he told me he's busy with real life stuff at the moment, but looking forward to contributing again some time in the future(tm)
(23:29:43) flab: well no I asked about the money we have on bountysource and if a core member wanted to be paid to do reviews, pinging him
(23:29:48) jhass: I think then it's fine to leave everything as is
(23:29:55) DenSchub: yeah, agreed
(23:29:56) goob_: > sorry, had to open the door for the pizza delivery /// and I was choking on a fish-bone half an hour ago.
(23:30:22) DenSchub: i've heard questions about raven coming up some time ago, so I wanted to talk about that
(23:30:27) flab: this is not in the wiki neither but we should talk about bountysource
(23:30:30) DenSchub: i'm totally fine with him being in the team idling around
(23:30:34) flab: wow, so many things to discuss!
(23:30:40) goob_: OK, great. Glad to hear he's all right. Do pass on my best wishes to raven if anyone has contact with him.
(23:31:06) flab: let's go to the next item
(23:31:07) DenSchub: i don't see any objections re. raven, so good.
(23:31:14) DenSchub: :p
(23:31:15) flab: +1 to keep him
(23:31:27) goob_: flab: what are the highest priority issues to discuss tonight? Let's focus on them.
(23:31:33) flab: goob_, yep
(23:31:45) DenSchub: next item is easy: now that is done, I will focus on senyas pr.
(23:31:51) flab: :D
(23:31:53) DenSchub: that's that done.
(23:31:57) flab: I'm so glad to hear that :)
(23:32:01) DenSchub: next item: hackathon.
(23:32:11) SuperTux88: :D
(23:32:14) CSammy: hackathon: +1
(23:32:23) DenSchub: i'm travelling ... like all the time this year, so not this year. we can savely postpone this decision to next year, but +1 for having one
(23:32:24) senya: yep, I just wanted to get some determinacy
(23:32:51) flab: loomio should be fine to talk about the hackathon
(23:32:54) senya: (but not too correct to move further without letting me speak)
(23:33:03) flab: senya, do you need more information?
(23:33:12) senya: not really :)
(23:33:33) DenSchub: senya: sorry
(23:33:55) DenSchub: i'm hungry and this has been going for too long, so I've decided to take the force(tm) and push things ahead of flab O:-)
(23:34:11) flab: yep, I'm too verbose probably
(23:34:16) CSammy: thou shalt not do push -f
(23:34:48) flab: so about the hackathon, loomio is enough
(23:34:56) flab: let's go to the teamboard question
(23:34:59) senya: yep, things take long, probably it means there is a demand to make meetings more often then
(23:35:09) flab: senya, if you're talking about something like trello
(23:35:21) senya: hmm
(23:35:27) senya: teamboard
(23:35:29) flab: we tried it, and as we're all volunteers, we cannot engage ourselves
(23:35:33) senya: we had a wiki page
(23:35:38) flab: so it didn't work well
(23:35:46) senya: and there is a page that goob_ referenced
(23:35:56) DenSchub: sorry, project ressource management is not on the agenda.
(23:35:59) senya: do we need anything of that kind at all?
(23:36:00) CSammy: autoscript fetching commits of the last x weeks and extract the authors of said commits, list them
(23:36:13) DenSchub: oh
(23:36:13) senya: DenSchub: we have "Teamboard" on the agend
(23:36:15) DenSchub: it is
(23:36:23) DenSchub: pah!
(23:36:31) DenSchub: we've had disucssions about that
(23:36:34) CSammy: DenSchub is getting hangry.
(23:36:45) flab: CSammy, hungry + angry?
(23:37:01) CSammy: yah, neologism I've heard a few times before
(23:37:06) senya: DenSchub: the last thing I remember is that you said you have some better idea than using a wiki page
(23:37:15) DenSchub: my employee is working on a solution on managing volunteer contribution based on github issues, but that's going to take a while
(23:37:21) DenSchub: senya: yeah, i wasn't refreshing, my bad :)
(23:37:37) DenSchub: other than that, I think we should not add any external stuff
(23:37:44) svbergerem: +1
(23:37:47) flab: +1
(23:37:48) SuperTux88: +1
(23:37:50) senya: +1
(23:38:00) jhass: +1
(23:38:07) DenSchub: if anything, our "seeing who's working on what" stuff should be based on github and should require no forced action from anyone outside of github or we'll have a mess
(23:38:33) CSammy: if you want to team members, ask in /#diaspora(-dev?)?/, so +1
(23:38:41) CSammy: *to talk to
(23:39:34) DenSchub: i'll play around with the github-based thingy when it's ready
(23:39:50) flab: :)
(23:39:52) senya: DenSchub: is there any ways to help with that?
(23:39:57) senya: I mean source code, etc?
(23:40:05) flab: do we have any decision to take about that?
(23:40:30) DenSchub: basically it allows to assign people to volunteers who are not part of the github org, and we can play around and decide if that works for us if it's done
(23:40:40) DenSchub: senya:
(23:41:39) senya: DenSchub: joining Mozilla, is that your answer?
(23:41:44) DenSchub: yeah
(23:41:49) senya: I see
(23:41:53) SuperTux88: :D
(23:41:58) senya: :D
(23:42:02) DenSchub: that project is spinning up, source code will be available once the MVP is done
(23:42:04) DenSchub: sorry ;)
(23:42:23) senya: no worries, just was curios
(23:42:26) senya: *curious
(23:42:45) flab: so, is that all?
(23:43:33) senya: just in case, I outlined some decisions made:
(23:43:38) flab: we have money to dispatch on issue with bountysource, but we will talk about it later
(23:43:59) goob_: Last item on the agenda - sharing out DenSchub's pizza among all meeting members.
(23:44:02) flab: I just wanted to ask if someone wants to join jhass and I as admins of the team?
(23:44:17) senya: goob_: :D
(23:44:31) DenSchub: flab: you can add me if you feel like. reducing the bus factor is always a good thing
(23:44:40) flab: yep, that was my point
(23:44:41) DenSchub: goob_: shared.
(23:44:56) goob_: I'd like to see a list of what money has been paid out of BountySource and to whom (which issues).
(23:45:03) flab: DenSchub, mail@dennis-sh... ?
(23:45:06) goob_: Is that something we could publish and update periodically?
(23:45:12) DenSchub: flab: yessir
(23:45:20) flab: goob_, probably, I also have to look at that
(23:45:26) DenSchub: actually, no, its schubert, not shubert
(23:45:30) DenSchub: but you were close
(23:45:32) goob_: Oh man, so much cheeeeeese…..
(23:45:35) flab: :p
(23:45:49) flab: my todo for diaspora* is actually focused on stuff like that :p
(23:46:02) flab: 0.6 promotion, tutorial review, bountysource...
(23:46:08) DenSchub: cool
(23:46:11) DenSchub: flab++
(23:46:14) SuperTux88: :)
(23:46:33) flab: oh also, does anyone have a facebook account?
(23:46:43) flab: I don't, so I can't be admin of the facebook page
(23:46:49) flab: goob_, would you be one?
(23:47:05) flab: because I think nobody active currently is
(23:47:10) flab: now that Jason left
(23:47:19) DenSchub: can't we just.. like.. close it?
(23:47:32) DenSchub: i've never seen any useful feedback
(23:47:41) SuperTux88: we have a facebook account?
(23:47:47) goob_: flab ping me re 0.6 promotion.
(23:48:16) senya: well, closing facebook is not an option
(23:48:28) senya: because it marketing stuff
(23:48:32) flab: DenSchub, the facebook page?
(23:48:39) DenSchub: yup
(23:48:41) goob_:
(23:48:54) goob_: ^ for SuperTux88.
(23:48:55) senya: you can't just throw away the channel
(23:49:22) DenSchub: does anyone have access to the page statistics?
(23:49:38) flab: we have 50k likes
(23:49:46) DenSchub: hm
(23:49:48) DenSchub: okay, fair enough
(23:50:09) SuperTux88: 805 visits, in what time?
(23:50:23) flab: DenSchub, as said, Jason, he shared with me the credits of the Twitter account, but you need to have a facebook account to be a page admin, and I don't want one
(23:50:37) DenSchub: SuperTux88: that "visits" are physical visits..
(23:50:52) SuperTux88: huh?
(23:51:00) DenSchub: someone added a physical location to our page
(23:51:08) CSammy: trollolol
(23:51:09) SuperTux88: :D
(23:51:20) flab: goob_, do you want to become an admin of the FB page?
(23:51:36) goob_: flab: no. Sorry.
(23:51:37) jhass: while at it we should get up to date
(23:51:53) flab: even if you don't do anything, I just don't feel right to not have any active member with the access
(23:51:59) DenSchub: so, flab, I do have one ( and you can add me to reduce the amount of damage an accident could have, but do not expect me to... post or moderate or read anythign there ever.
(23:52:06) flab: maybe I should create a dummy facebook account
(23:52:39) CSammy: can we close the meeting so all non-interested may leave safely?
(23:52:59) DenSchub: yeah, CSammy, you can leave ;)
(23:53:07) CSammy: that's not the question/request ;)
(23:53:12) SuperTux88: :D
(23:53:36) DenSchub: as said, someone can add me as an admin to that page, i will not do anything with it, but just in case..
(23:53:42) DenSchub: so i guess we're done
(23:53:53) CSammy: things that aren't on the agenda are being discussed, and a few moments ago that somehow was a problem, and now it wasn't, I'm confused.
(23:54:10) DenSchub: i started eating my pizza in front of the laptop, so i'm better now
(23:54:17) CSammy: don't send mixed signals, it makes me brrrroken
(23:54:37) DenSchub: but you are right, we should stop
(23:54:46) flab: DenSchub, you should have received an e-mail from bountysource
(23:55:01) flab: jhass, DenSchub svbergerem someone can add SuperTux88 as member of the core team
(23:55:06) flab: in github
(23:55:12) jhass: sure, we'll do
(23:55:31) flab: I will contact Jason to tell him to give admin right to dennis on facebook, if nobody else is interested about managing it
(23:55:33) svbergerem: I won't :P
(23:55:46) jhass: well yes, just me or Dennis
(23:55:54) jhass: Owner != Core
(23:55:54) flab: what was the other decisions?
(23:56:02) DenSchub: i'll work on the blog post
(23:56:06) flab: the help label
(23:57:01) flab: I added myself on the project assets page on the twitter section
(23:57:20) goob_: flab, I think contact Sean re the fb page.
(23:57:33) senya: flab:
(23:57:39) DenSchub: flab: can you say magic words like "the meeting is done" or something?
(23:57:54) flab: DenSchub, yep
(23:57:59) DenSchub: do it!
(23:58:00) flab: that thing is over :D
(23:58:03) DenSchub: great
(23:58:04) DenSchub: CSammy: ^
(23:58:07) flab: thanks everybody!
(23:58:15) senya: hooray, thanks!
(23:58:15) flab: congrats again about the 0.6 release
(23:58:21) CSammy: DenSchub: <3
(23:58:21) senya: <3
(23:58:29) goob_: Thanks all, and good night!
(23:58:30) svbergerem: \o/

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